UPDATE:Tournament Incoming: Battlefield 3 “Squad Rush” CANCELED

UPDATE: This event has been canceled. As much as we all love Battlefield 3 we at EGU have gone over the logistics of hosting a large scale event ( we where aiming for 16 teams) and having to rent servers to accomodate all of the teams so that we can conduct the tournament in a timely manner; it was just to much for us to handle logisticaly.

Battlefield 3 is one of my personall favourite FPS games ever and I am upset that we arent able to bring organized competitive play to everyone in our community.

We will have lots more events planned top make up for it though so stay tuned!

The time has come to blow the lid of this baby!

The EVO Gaming League is finally rolling out its first Battlefield 3 competitive event on May 19-20th for PS3 users!

This event will be hosted on our private server and be a squad rush format capped at 16 teams. Not only is this our first Battlefield tournament but it is also our first PREMIUM event.

A premium event is a paid entry tournament that rewards the winning team with a cash prize based on the entry fees collected.
The BF3 squad rush event will reward the winning team with a $200 prize!

Cost to enter this event is $20 a team and full details on our Premium events can be found here 

We are not quite ready to open our forums up for registration but you can head over and sign up and start getting acquainted with them. Expect registration to be up and running in a couple of days.

Full details will be uploaded to www.evogames.ca shortly and as always you can reach us at gamingevolved@gmail.com

or hit us up on twitter 

Start building your team and get ready for an amazing event that will have everyone talking!!!

Dwayne”EVO Knight” Morash


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