Announcement RE:ORC “HEROES” 4v4 Tournament UPDATE

UPDATE: This tournament will be rescheduled to 6pm pst on Saturday the 12th

May 12th will be the event you wont want to miss if you are a Resident Evil: ORC fan. The EVO Gaming League is hosting its last ORC tournament this season and its a BIG one. We saved the best for last and this one is it!

The event is a Best of 3 Double elimination format centered around the ” HEROES” game mode. The teams size is 4 players with a maximum of 8 teams. 

If you have been thinking about competing in an event but have been putting it off well this is your last chance to get in on an event this season.

Registration will be handled at our official Forums here

Official EGL game rules and match settings can be found here on our official site

If you have any questions dont hesitate to send us an email at

Tournament: Resident Evil Operation Raccoon city ” HEROES”
Date:May 12th 
Time: 10am pst 1pm est
Format: Double elimination Best of 3
Team size: 4 players
Max teams : 8
Platform: XBOX360 


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