Alpha Heresey Tournament Results are in!




Another Event has wrapped and we have yet another team of players standing victorius above everyone else.

What seperates this event from all the others we have run is that the participants are all a part of a highly organized community of teams ( or chapters as they call them) that bump shoulders with each other more often than most.

Welcome to the Space Marine PS3 community!

First lets get to the Tournament results.

Alpha Heresey was our second event centered around the game SPACE MARINE from THQ. This outing catored to the Playstation 3 community and saw 6 teams vying for top position as the Spreme Champions.
It was a double elimination event with teams comprised of 8 players each. In this case the teams adopted the nonclementure of the various chapters in the Warhammer 40k table top game.

The game mode being played was ” Ground Control” and was essentiall a objective based game mode with a score total determing the winner not a kill counter.

After all the dust settled there stood a single team that managed to stay one step ahead of all the other teams as they navigated there way through our tournament bracket

And the winners were…..THE SALAMANDERS: SONS OF VULKAN


Heres what they had  to say about there win and some tid bits about the state of the game Space Marine

EGU: Congratulations on your win guys. So an  important question…did you have fun?
SOV: Lyght: I had a lot of fun out there, it’s just a game and all, but there was still time to get anxious/nervous
Velcona: Yes I had a lot of fun but it was also stressful, it was fun because we were competing and it was a very good experience, with many highs and lows but overall very fun and exiting.
EGU: We have now hosted 2 Space Marine events here at EGU; what’s your thoughts on the reason this game is able to pull in a large following a year after release?
SOV: Brother Ra: As a 40k fan, I have played the dawn of war series, and I always imagined if I could control one of the characters, that would give me a better feel of the 40k universe. Now here we are, a game that gets me right in the action, it’s almost an extension of me. This game brings out your imagination and expectations. You gain a brotherhood with other players and feel you are in a role playing atmosphere. No two matches are the same and the desire to get better pushes me everyday I game.
EGU: How long have you guys been playing as an organized team and have you had any challenges assembling an 8 man team to compete with?
SOV:Wolfcarn: I have only been with the Salamanders for a month now, and since then its usually just practices or group up into public matches.
Damlet: Our Chapter Master Brother_ra put this chapter together 4 to 5 five months ago and I’ve been a member for the last two months so while I’ve been a salamander I’ve noticed that the hardest issue is to coordinate team members to be online being that they are from all over the world.
EGU: If you where to single out a specific team in the event and there strengths what team would it be?
SOV: Manik Box: even though I was unable to participate against soul drinkers, but what I can gather they are an ideal chapter to verse
Brother Ra: The soul drinkers, they are a awesome relentless chapter, you cant ever sit back on them, they can put a lead on you that you cant recover from or they can come from behind and take a game away from you. The soul drinkers are very organized and we expected to see them or the Blood Hunters in the finals.
EGU: Does your team actually coordinate practice sessions between events or you guys just flying by the seat of your pants out there?
SOV:Lyght: Sadly due to real life stuff I was not able to train very often with my brothers, but I knew that our chapter master had lead our practices involving live fire to practice for this event.
Velcona: We do practice, but with companies or a group of guys but were trying to practice more but when we battled we had a plan and we followed it and because the Chapter Master knows his brothers he knew who should do what and how. Only a few battle plans were practiced, most were more done based off of past battles.
Wolfcarn: We have weekly training that is really show up if you can and we will just wack each other around for a little bit. When we have actually chapter battles we start setting up multiple practices were we try to cover everything we can think of.
EGU: Thank you for taking some time to chat. Make sure you “wear” your victory well because as you know when you’re on top there’s only one direction to go…
SOV:Damlet: Thank you for giving us this chance to walk the path of victory even though we got victory when we became salamanders. Salamanders we shall prevail!
Manik box: should hold tournaments more often.
Brother Ra: We were prepared to be in this position and have been training for an opportunity like this, we will remain competitive. We don’t take anything for granted and never underestimate an opponent. I have learned a lot and plan on making my chapter better. We still have a lot of great talent we were not able to use. Thank you EGU. Feel free to check us out at
Dwayne”EVO Knight”Morash

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