Winning and Losing in competitive gaming: “The finer points of rage quitting”

We have all been there. You know the feelings, one minute you are on top of the world and the next you are ready to hurl your controller at the Screen in a fit of anger! You stare at your console debating whether you should continue playing or reach across and power down your machine in a fit of anger as if ceasing the tournament would make the feelings go away.

Its called “Rage quitting” and yes my friends…we have all succumbed to it in one way or another at some point.


Winning as well as losing in competitive video gaming is , like playing an acquired skill.  The truth is that not many players out there bother to take the time to perfect it focusing instead on how to get a bigger K/D ratio.

Without going to far into the psychology of gaming I will say  that the sooner you can master a set of skills that keeps the raging angry beast inside you under control; the sooner you will enjoy your gaming sessions more.

Lets first start by looking at several catalysts of Gamer Rage. Knowing what sets it off is the first step on the path to gaming happiness.Follow me below and see if any of these have affected you in the past.

1: Lag
2: Smack talking opponents
3: In game embarrassment at the hands of an enemy aka “Tea Bagging”
4: The game is “broken” and is conspiring against you.
5: Unfair weapons being used against you…even though they are in the game for everyone to use.
6:” Cheap” tactics being used by the other team ie. ” camping”
7: Enemy players who have hacked/modded the game to defeat you easier.
8: Team mates who have no clue how to play and get you killed repeatedly
9: Controller buttons not working at a crucial moment despite working mere seconds ago

10:…..The universe is conspiring against you!

If you have ever been the victim of at least one of the above items then you are not alone. How you deal with each of those items however is what will set you apart from the pact when it comes to being a professional gamer.

Just like any PRO sport, gaming has evolved into a competitive sport as well and the protocols of those sports can also be applied to your sessions on your favourite online multi player game.

” There is a reason for everything and it is sometimes, not always but sometimes your fault”

It’s a good mantra for all gamers. EVERY single time I stepped into a room of gamers playing a competitive match I inevitably heard the shouts of agony turn into an excuse rolladex of reason why they just got bested by another player.

Seriously…they just started pouring out of the players mouthes. Lag, Glitching, game is defective, you name it but very rarely did I hear the words ” man that guy is good he really deserved that kill because I was playing stupid!”

Being humble is not a easy thing but its the biggest thing that’s going to tame that raging monster inside you who is just waiting to bust out and start to rage to a faceless opponent online.

Remember the shoes is on the other foot at ALL TIMES!

A player whom you just killed is screaming those exact same things at his screen over the kill you just got on him, meanwhile you are smiling in front of your screen letting the in-game indicator of your skill stroke your EGO and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside ( If your playing Call of Duty your even gonna get a serving of ice cream and a chocolate milkshake every time you get a kill)

Gaming Karma is a beautiful thing because that EGO stroking is short-lived and the next coin flip could see you crying in the corner or ….reaching for your consoles power button.

Take the good with the bad and realize that the universe is a balanced place. Look past excuses when you get killed in  the next game you play and see if its something you can actually affect ( NO hopping  in your car and driving half way across the planet to punch some kid who just killed you in the face is not a solution.)

If its LAG, then monitor it and compensate. If host migration doesn’t fix it then back out and find a better match. If you suspect cheating or switching then leave and bid the other team adieu.If your controller is broken….buy a new one. Seeing a pattern here. Think about solutions and not just screaming and yelling.

There is a possibility that better players than you will eventually cross your path. When that happens you can either finish your  match with  honor and learn from it or you can turn into a giant green rage monster ….and that never ends well.

My door is always open for counseling sessions and you can find me on XBL most nights. My fee is negotiable and if you suffer from “COD anger” I sadly cannot help you….play a better game.

Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash


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