Resident Evil:ORC “Heroes” Tournament summary

Our season has finally come to a close for Resident Evil Operation Raccoon city. The game launched back in March and the EGU have been hitting it pretty hard. Over the course of three different tournaments we have seen many reams come and go. Some of them have participated in all of the events and a few have just recently made themselves known.
The power of this game is that it has inspired a loyal community and it’s just that community that have been participating in our competitive events.
Our last event wrapped last week and it was certainly a fiery one. We had some returning champions from our last Survivor tournament and some new challengers make their debut on the EGU circuit. As it turns out it happened to be that new kid on the block
“Aftershock Infinity Ops” who took home the championship win in our RE:ORC Heroes tournament.
Lets welcome them shall we?
Hi guys…
EVO: How does it feel to have emerged victorious in that last event?

AIO: Feels pretty good, Our first real tournament as us, full squad.

EVO: How long have you guys been playing as an organized team or did you just throw together some peeps just for this event?
AIO: As an organized team about less 2 months.
EVO: Are you currently playing any other games competitively or is AIO just a Resident Evil Team?
AIO:Just REsident Evil ORC for now, soon we’ll get on Resident Evil 6.
EVO: In regards to how the event went. Was it what you expected or did you encounter any curveballs during the night?
AIO:Since we heard that Launchers in general was allowed, we knew they were going to be N00b Tubers up the butt. So we got prepared for it and overcame all of it.
EVO: There was a pretty big upset in the end between you and the ” resident Champs” and a little conflict out of game. How did you guys handle that and did the end result of those talks end how you would have wanted them to?
AIO: Well its an Official Tournament so obviously following the rules is very important. I thought enforcing that is what should have  happened. We kindly agree to their changes in members in the end. Though some of the other people have a grudge against us.
EVO:Can you tell us a particular moment throughout the night that gave you guys a challenge that you had to work as a team to overcome?
AIO: Like I said Launchers. Biggest problem, anyone can use it, but only n00bs can master it.
EVO: Now that we have wrapped our Resident Evil Season will there be a chance we will see you guys competing in other titles and if so what games are you on the lookout for?
AIO:Yes, all possible Resident Evil titles. Also we’ll be hosting our own Tournament, its gonna be a unique version of it and a Legit version of it. So I hope people will join when it comes out.
EVO: Thank you for chatting with us today and we cant wait to have you guys back for a new event soon! Take care and all the best to you and your team!
AIO: Thank you for having us in the tournament. We love Resident Evil and its games
The results of the tournament can be found below. This event closed the doors on our Resident Evil:ORC season 1 and we want to say thank you to everyone who made it possible and the teams and players who came out and made it a success!
Dwayne”EVO Knight” Morash


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