EVO Gaming UNLIMITED website is officially unveiled!

After 2 months of hard coding and design work I am finally unveiling the official EGU website to everyone in the world!

Please do not reference our previous website at http://www.evogames.ca ( it will be redirected shortly anyway)

The new URL is www.evogamingunlimited.com

This new site will continue to grow with us as we expand our tournament line ups and bring sponsors on board.

It is the beggining of a new look for us and a new direction for me in my life with EVO. For thos ewho know me it has been a crazy year and ultimatley filled with highs and lows.

I closed a LAN centre and it was reborn into the ONLINE entity known as EVO Gaming UNLIMITED. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes it is a stronger creature and truly a star that is rising.

Bookmark the new site and join me and my team as we head down a path of success and excitement in this marvelous industry we all love!

Thank you for everyone who has stuck by me and believed in me….

without further ado…..go visit the new website!

Dwayne” EVO Knight'”Morash


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