Tournament UPDATE: Mad Catz signs on for Operation Spectre !

After months of behind the scenes talks I am very happy to announce that we have signed our first official sponsor! Mad Catz will be sponsoring the upcoming Ghost Recon Future Soldier tournament that is taking place on June 8th.

Here is a summary of the event for everyone who missed the previous post.

Date: June 8th , 6pm PST ( The event will span 2 days with finals taking place on Saturday at 10:00am pst ( thats 1pm for all you eastern boys and girls)
Format: Best of 3 double elimination
Game Modes: Conflict ( yeah yeah we get it. everyone wants SIEGE but for our first event we wanted to go broad in appeal)
Team Size: 4 man teams
Maximum teams eligible: 8
Platforms: XBOX360 and PS3
Cost to enter: FREE
Prize support: 1st place teams receive a Mad Catz Ghost Recon controller for each player on the team.
MVP for each event will receive a Mad Catz Tshirt
How to register: Teams MUST register on our official forums HERE

make sure you check out our new official site( for the tournament settings and rules and of course as always join our forums and keep in touch with the community.


Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash


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