INTEL is the spice of life

Okay I know everyone is waiting with anticipation to read my Ghost Recon Future Soldier review but you’re gonna have to wait a few more days. I want to finish the game in its entirety before I post it and I know it diminishes the effect when everyone else has already reviewed it I’m willing to take that risk; besides…everyone loves to read what I have to say don’t they?

I do however want to talk about something that I feel will be a very important piece of your enjoyment of the game and potentially be something that if handled in the wrong way , ruin your enjoyment of the games awesome multi player experience ( spoiler…I said the multi player was awesome…now you don’t need to read my full review)

I’m talking about INTEL!

Ahhh a fresh recruit to the world of Enginerr…err I mean Intel Operative

The coolest thing about GRFS is that it embraces potentially game breaking elements that tread the line between ” legitimate cheating” to the dreaded abbreviation ” OP”…thats over powered to all you who don’t speak ” whiner speak”

Ghost Recon uses a class based multi player but keeps it simple. With only 3 classes to choose from there is never really any time where you don’t know what your role is. The Engineer is the role we are going to talk about today. The one gripe I have about that class is the name. I mean I’m not really sure but I have never really had to fix anything in a game of Ghost Recon lately and I’m already level 23. In my opinion they should have called it ” Intel Operator” because that my friend is what you’re gonna spend the bilk of your time doing!

The first thing you’re gonna have to do when you start on your career as a ” Intel Operative” is to check your EGO at the door. As the role suggests you aren’t going to spending a lot of time on the front lines racking up massive amount of kills. Oh the kills will be there if you know what you’re doing but that isn’t your primary concern. If you can’t handle the thought of that you better just walk away now and wait for my article ” It’s not the size of your assault rifle but how you use it” or the follow-up to that article ” I’m not a Girl Guide I’m a scout!”

A Engineers best friend!

Still here? Good…lets get to work!

The Engineer class is one of the most essential classes in a game of Ghost Recon Multiplayer. That said there is the flip side of that coin when to many people on one team are using this class. If you’re in a public match monitor your team mates roles and if there is a gap in Intel then play an engineer but if it looks like your team has a handle on intel procurement then step down and shoulder an automatic rifle and get out there and get your hands dirty.

In private matches or Squad matches make sure everyone knows your role. If you play with a 4 man team then 1 engineer is a good fit. 2 tops but anymore and you’ll lose your punching power when you step into the right with an experienced team.

At the early levels you are basically a junior man engineer. You will  have some gadgets that help the team out but being limited to 2 sensor grenades and a PDW as opposed to a full on assault rifle may make you feel like a 5th leg!

Big mistake. Sensor grenades are a VERY valuable tool for you and your team and even though you only have 2 they can help out in a big way.  Make sure you are tossing those babies in strategic places. Here are some Tips.

1: Toss em BEFORE your team rushes an objective and tell em over your headset so they know to hold up before charging in.

2: In the immortal words of Kenny Rogers ” You got to know when to hold them…know when to walk away…know when to run< excerpt from the song The Gambler>” ; This is in reference to your sensor grenades BTW

3: Dont be afraid of dropping one at your feet. If you are outgunned and need support try dropping a grenade in front of you. It will light everyone up and any nearby pals will see me and maybe get there in time to bail you out, or if your good enough take the fight to them yourself.

Go long!!!

When you have paid your dues as a journey man engineer you’ll be able to unlock the UAV drone, the engineers best friend. The basic drone has no ability to attack ( that version comes later) but is your most powerful tool ion your arsenal!

This is when you earn your pay on your team and trust me follow these tips and you’ll be the HERO of your team in no time!

1: Find a good spot partially removed from the fighting < not too far> and post up. Lie prone or take cover whichever you think is best but don’t plant your but in line of fire or even to close to an objective. This is where you need to swallow your pride because your not gonna be shooting much.

2: Get your UAV going and start sweeping the battlefield. That’s right I said sweep. DO NOT pop your UAV up and have it float in one place. The battlefield in Ghost Recon is always changing as new objectives come in and tactics change on both sides. Fly your UAV and get down and dirty with hunting enemy locations. Take the hunt to them don’t wait for them to walk in front of your field of vision.

3: Call outs. Yeah yeah I get that everyone on the team can see the red outline of the enemy but in the thick of battle they may not be looking where you are. Nudge them by calling out key targets and giving them a heads up when groups of glowing red enemies are converging on their position.

4: Remember where you are. Dont lose track of yourself while you’re flying that state of the art buzzard around. If you have a UAV up in the air chances are that your opponent does as well and your probably looking like a littl.e red army man to their team. If they find you they will want to take you out. Hold LB , on XBOX360> and switch from drone view or hold it to call it back. This is where you can make some kills because you know they are coming for you. If your the cowardly type just move out of their range and find  a better  hiding spot.

I could go on and on with all sorts of tips on playing an Engineer but in the end the best advice I can give you is take the time to learn your craft. Your score on the leaderboard is what matters in the end and if you are providing timely and valuable intel to your team then pretty soon you’ll be the Wayne Gretzky of your crew and I can tell you from experience; there is no better feeling than finishing first place on the leaderboard of a game without having fired a single shot!

Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash


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