Gamers get Recognized

The long overdue addition to our official site is finally completed.  From day one I always believed that competitive gamers should be given more than a simple statistic on a leaderboard on some web site. When we created EGU the intent was to feature the winning teams of our events in both print form<( Blog Articles, clan spotlights etc..) as well as have a space for them to be imortalized on the internet.

That place is the EVO Gaming UNLIMITED hall of fame

Everytime we complete a tournament the winning team is awarded a custom designed championship banner that is typically put on the teams website for all their visitors to see. That is not the most ideal place for a true champion to get the recognition they deserve . TO that end we created the Hall of Fame to act as a Trophy Room so to speak for visitors of our site( which gets a large amount of traffic) to browse through and look at.

The Hall of Fame is in its early design stage so it is functional at a basic level and as the months move on and it begins to fill up we will be adding more funtionality to allow visitors to connect directly to the winning teams own website and other social media paths to connect with the champions ( application  to join etc..)

Thank you all for making EGU a success and I cant wait to see where this journey takes us as we strive to become the Premeire destination for gamers online to stretch their competitive wings and soar!


Dwayne “EVO Knight” Morash


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