Tournament Wrap up: Ghost Recon Operation Spectre

“Overlord to Command….mission successful…^^^^^^…. All Ghost Teams have reported in

<<<<<>>>>>>> ….Operation Spectre was a success….<<<<<>>>>>”

After a weekend of grueling virtual combat  , the dust has finally settles and we can survey the carnage.

” Operation Spectre” was a pleasant surprise for us here at EGU. The registration for the event started off slow with only a few teams signing on but after we announced our Sponsor the boards lit up like crazy! We ended up having approx 20 teams between both platforms ( XBOX and PS3) accounting for 80 players. During our pre event headcount that numbered dwindled quickly as reports came in of teams backing out and unable to make it. This was sad but in the end we had a total of 11 teams participate and all 44 players were dedicated to being there and wanted to take home the prize.

The most exciting part of this entire event was the fact that we managed to acquire  support from Mad Catz themselves. They are in the middle of marketing a full line up of Ghost Recon Branded assecories so it stood to reason they where the best possible company we could attract. With Mad Catz on Board the event took on a whole new life and the seriousness and legitimacy of the event was solidified.

The teams that signed on where all part of bigger clans and these boys and girls take their gaming seriously. It was a treat to see such dedication in the community and the sportsmanship and maturity of all in attendance was remarkable. I had the opportunity to meet with clan leaders in private chats and if that was an indication of the support that is being thrown behind Ghost Recon Future Soldier then its safe to say we will be running more events like this in the future.

Below is a breakdown of results by platform

XBOX360 Results

 3rd place:Respawn Army
2nd Place:XceLLance

Champions: Gamers United

Heres what Gamers United had to say about the event…..

EGU: Well Gamers United, that was some pretty impressive gaming you guys did in this event. How are you feeling after all the dust has settled?
GU: We are excited to have pulled off the win against some talented teams and to claim the Mad Catz controllers. Our member Klinchy was just solid for us all the way through the final matches and it was a big help in winning this event.
EGU: Your team had the tricky position of having to fight your way back from the ashes of defeat early on in the bracket. What was going on in the dugout with your team after you guys took that initial drop down to the losers bracket?
GU:Well I would be lying if I sayed we didn’t have a nervous moment. The team talked about what happened in the match we lost and we all agreed the team who beat us was good, but that we could compete with them. As far as loosing it was in the semi finals of the winners bracket and we stayed focused on getting back to the finals match by winning the loser bracket championship match. It was tough to think about having to play and beat the team who upset us twice to win the tournament but we stepped up to the challenge nicely. We moved our players in and out of matches based on the maps and which classes we all used best. The teamwork and unselfishness was a big key to us winning.
EGU: Your clan seems to have a good degree of organization fueling it. What are some of the challenges that come with building a competitive gaming clan?
GU:The challenges are many when running a clan our size. We operate in that middle zone not like a super large team with 1000’s of members but not your smaller 4-10 member clan either. We focus on keeping around 20 members for each squad we operate and we have three teams now. One for Ghost Recon, MW3, and BF3. The biggest challenge is training our squad leaders and upper management how to run a clan and keep it going.
EGU: Was this the first Ghost Recon Future Soldier tournament that your clan has participated in and will you guys continue to support this game in the months/years to come?
GU:This was our first Ghost Recon Future Soldier tournament and for sure we plan on staying with it for several more months. We just had a meeting last night and everyone was assuring each other that they were sticking with this game.
EGU: Can you pass on some words of advice to other players who are wanting to create a clan of their own and are struggling to get it off the ground?
GU: Stick with it don’t remake just because you have had some bumps. Always be looking for talent and never give up on yourself, your team, or what you want to create.
Jeremy Frazier,Gamers United

Playstation 3 Results


Singularity shared a few words with us after the event…..

EGU:Thank you for your participation in Operation Spectre guys! How did you like the event overall?
Well thank you (Knight) and Tactpro for taking the time to organise it. Overall the tourney ran smoothly aside from the PSN down time which was obviously out of everyone’s control. Just want to give a shout out to Beyond Talent unfortunately they couldn’t make the final due to not having enough players online to play their game in the semis, we’ve got them added as friends now and have played together since the tourney.

EGU:Is this the first organized PS3 event that you have played a part of as a team?
No, the core of our clan (xKillalicious-, xTaTsuMaKii-, xXeNdLeSs–, XxTeMp0-, XPERii3NCE-) have been together since 2008 where we played Metal Gear Online (EU servers) we have participated in many tourneys on MGO, including the official konami European championships where we came 2nd in Europe out of the best 64 clans. There was also an in-game tourney system which would play 4 tourneys a week, in which we took part in 302 tourneys, and won 106 times, the average tourney would consist of 32 teams in a single elimination style tourney. Other games we have played include Socom confrontation which only one or two of us actually liked so they were in East All Stars and came back to us on Socom 4, which we were ranked #2 on the in-game ladder (while it was active) unbeaten in all clan games on S4 vs all clans.

EGU:What where some of the struggles you had with the game as the matches started rolling in?
Well i personally, don’t like to moan about things that go against you, in my opinion, a good clan is able to adapt and over come in any situation, as my mate Bruce lee once said “Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water Now water can flow or it can crash”. However i do think conflict can sometimes be bias especially with only 10mins on the clock, also before the tourney i suggested to the admin to restrict noob tubes, sensors, turrets etc, i think removing these would have added to the tourney as every team was spamming them (which i havent got a problem with as they were available to everyone to use, just some people use them smarter than others). But aside from future restrictions and maybe making your conflict games 15mins rather than 10 i feel future tourneys would be fun 🙂

EGU:What can we expect to see as far as Singularity in the future as far as competitive gaming goes?
We’ve been a highly skilled clan for many years on every game we go on, beaten the best of the best on each game, we can accept a loss, when they happen we look at what we did wrong rather than what they did right (and never flame a clan if they win). As a clan we have all calmed down on the gaming side of things in the past year,  as before most of us were in school/college when we first started on Metal gear, however now, we all have a lot less time to play and some of us have different schedules so can’t always field a full team (we don’t like recruiting any random, we have to make sure their personality and game style suits the clan). But having said that, even with only playing 1-3 hours a day, and still being able to compete on a competitive level and still win is a good feeling. As far as future events go, we will TRY and enter as many as we can, but most likely not ALL, as a few of us struggle to get on during the day yet alone at 2am in the morning lol which seems to be when all the tourneys are at (UK time)

Finally just wanted to shout out ImGone2TheM00N from beyond talent, and our whole clan, xXeNdLeSs–  xTaTsuMaKii-  Str8nAstY XskinnyondrumsX  Salos91  xKillalicious-  XxTeMp0-  XPERii3NCE-. 

Thanks for the tourney EVO gaming, knight and TactPro much respect 
Dwayne”EVO Knight” Morash

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