Were bringing CO-OP gaming to competitive players!

Welcome to  Guerilla ops !
EVO Gaming UNLIMITED is looking to bring the Ghost Recon community closer together by tapping into the co-operative nature of the games Guerilla Mode.

Here is how it works.

Guerilla Ops is a team co-op game mode inside of Ghost Recon Future Soldiers already robust multi player offerings. Teams tackle a wave based scenario that gets harder and harder as the mission goes on. The level cap is set to 50 waves and every 10 waves you and your team must re acquire a new base of operations in a ” stealth wave” which gives you a chance to test your ability to remain unseen and take out entrenched enemies guards.

Teams form up a squad of 4 or less and tackle the map in question throughout the two weeks that the Op is running. An OP is simply a map that has been choses by EGU and it stays current for 2 weeks . Team scores are posted in the  Official Guerilla Ops thread in our forums by the teams as the acquire them during the op. Team scores are accompanied by a screen capture/pic of their score to verify the validity.

Teams can try as many times as they want during the 2 weeks but after the second week we lock the thread for that Guerilla Op.
The winner gets a custom banner created by us certifying them the Guerilla champs for that map/week!

A new Guerilla map will drop every 2 weeks  and the cycle continues.

Guerilla Ops will be ongoing and a great way to build your skills as well as compete on a passive level with other teams.

Full instructions and details will be posted on our official site at www.evogamingunlimited.com

Guerilla Ops is set to launch at the same time as our Ghost Recon League on July 1st. Make sure you visit our forums sign up. NO REGISTRATION is required. When the first operation goes live on the first simply form a team and tackle the Op. Full details on the mission will be listed on the forums under Guerillas Ops.

Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash


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