XENOS Invasion is Here!

Welcome to Xenos Invasion !
EVO Gaming UNLIMITED is looking to bring the Space Marine community closer together by tapping into the co-operative nature of the games Exterminatus.
Here is how it works.
Exterminatus is a team co-op game mode inside of Space Marines already robust multi player offerings. Teams tackle a wave based scenario that gets harder and harder as the game goes on.

Teams form up a squad of 4 or less and tackle the map in question throughout the two weeks that the Invasion is running. An ” Invasion” is simply a map that has been chosen by EGU and it stays current for 2 weeks . Team scores are posted in the XENOS Invasion thread in our forums by the teams as the acquire them during the Invasion. Team scores are accompanied by a screen capture/pic of their score to verify the validity.

Teams can try as many times as they want during the 2 weeks but after the second week we lock the thread for that Invasion.
The winner gets a custom banner created by us certifying them the Invasion champs for that map/week!
A new Invasion map will drop every 2 weeks and the cycle continues.
Xenos Invasion will be ongoing and a great way to build your skills as well as compete on a passive level with other teams.

Check out our XENOS Invasion section at the Official Forums

NOTE: You do not have to register a team for Xenos Invasion. Simply tackle the Invasion and post your results.


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