URGENT UPDATE:Homefront Resistance 8v8 Tournament





EGU is proud to announce that we are moving forward with our second attempt at a Homefront Ground Control tournament.
This event is an 8v8 Double Elimination Ground control format .
I am truly excited to give Homefront players a competitive outlet and home to interact with the greater Homefront Community.
Below you will find the details on the event ( subject to change)

Registration is now open on our OFFICIAL FORUMS

Date: July 14th
Time: 9pm pst
Cost to enter: FREE

Team Size: 8 players
Maximum Teams: 4 ( small event to guage participation)

Format: Double elimination
Game Modes: Ground Control
Prizing: Winning team received a custom Championship banner to display on there website or forums as well as a follow up interview published on our official Blog site.

MVP player in the tournament will receive a custom sig for forum use
Register for this event via our registration form instructions .

Team captains will be requested to join a private XBL party with EVO Knight( XBL gamertag) on the 14th to cover off score reporting procedures and last minute questions.

If this event is successful I would like to continue to support this game and develop the community further with future events.

Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash


16 thoughts on “URGENT UPDATE:Homefront Resistance 8v8 Tournament”

  1. To bad the numbers will be there. They have no skill and hack the crap out of HF. Not 2 mention the call every one els cheaters, when in fact they’re the grand master hackers. Nope don’t sound fun playing with a bunch of hacking cry babys.

  2. Can you give me some more info on this clan ? I am getting a lot of concern from other players about them. Pm me on my forums or email me.

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Numbers say all other clans cheat but yet when they beat us up in lobbys its all good and they dont cheat? that makes absolutly no sense if your not gonna let the other clans play in the tournament then you should not let numbers otherwise open it up and let the best team win thats crap to with hold anyone unless you YOURSELF evounlimited watches and comes to the determination they are in FACT CHEATING grow up your 40 year old babies

  4. I am very seriously investigating all the claims I am getting about these two clans. I am not happy about the state of competitive gaming with Homefront. What the hell is going on ?

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  5. evo im not being rude or anything but cheating on xbox you know as well as i do if your part of xbox microsoft takes good care of keeping modded boxs off of live! and as far as people putting bcc cheats come on seriously anyone can make a site if they dislike a clan and put that kinda stuff theres no need to investigate anything just remove numbers and lets have some real fun with these tournments bcc ehec(trc) and mex and jugg or usob or sskx play in it and no one will complain as you can see from homefront forums the numbers clan is whiners they claim everyone cheats .. if you would like you can come play some homefront with us and check it out for yourself dont let one clan ruin what your trying to build for us.

  6. Can you and I have a talk about this ? I am on vacation and sadly this event may get pushed back again until I can resolve this. I’ll e back on the 24th but will push this event until August if I have to in order to make sure everything is in order. Let’s talk over Skype when I get back from vacation if that is okay ?

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  7. push this event back and post on here when your ready for a chat on xbox ill invite one person from each clan besides numbers and we can have a forum on xbl whats your xbox live username the easiest way to solve this is a chat with us from the other clans. thank you looking foward to a forum with you on xbl.

  8. Hi Evo I’m a member of the numbers clan and I can say personaly I hate hackers and modders, I’m not one and I wouldn’t knowingly play with any. I don’t think any of my fellow members are if they were I’d take them to task. Honestly I’m quite happy to play with just about anyone that play fair I’d just as easily play with or against BCC I don’t alway get along with everyone personally but it’s a game and aren’t they meant to be fun. You know this game there are these people that cheat and there just good players that get accused of being cheaters. I know alot of the BCC clanners have been accused and frankly I have my own suspicions members of numbers of been accused to but Xbox takes the accusations very seriously if there was concrete evidence they would either suspend players or ban them. All of this finger pointing is childish. There have been players whom have been suspended and had to resort to using new accounts or different accounts, I say ban players not teams. If you would like to chat I’m happy to. Just let me know

  9. My guess is John is a member of one of these clans that has something against Numbers, evident by his reluctance to enter his name or gamer tag. I’ve played with and against BCC, MEX, sskx, USOB, and the JUGGS there are a lot of good players in all of them, and there are those who you really have to question some of the things that happen in game you could probably look at some the unreal K:D ratio’s to spot some oddities. But I’ve worked really hard on my game and even if I take a beating I take it as a learning experience to make myself better. There will always be individuals that get beat down than accuse others of cheating it’s nature of these sort of games, but it’s very rare those players being accused actually get suspended or banned – reason being = no evidence and as far as John saying check the HF forums it’s mainly just individuals pointing fingers back and forth he said she said sort of stuff. I don’t mean to write you a novel here but honestly I was really looking forward to this tourney and think it would be a shame to not be included because of a baseless accusation.

  10. Evo,
    This is GunnyCorn whom is with the numbers clan. I am an original member of the numbers clan that started earlier this year. I am the number one player on Xbox in Homefront in Score and number three in kills. I can assure you that no player from the numbers clan utilizes modifications nor downloaded hacks for the Homefront game. Nobody in my clan can honestly prove that any of these other clan members are using mods or game hacks in the Homefront game, however we can say that certain members who have a high kill ratio to a low death ratio are getting those kills in a way that is not meant to achieve in this game. Therefore, you can clearly rationalize what is going on with these players. I have been playing this game for a long time and I know who is legit and who is “questionable”. I’m sure you know who i’m talking about. We choose not to play these questionable players because too often in the game they are accomplishing unrealistic kills. You can listen to some John doe whatever in here and go with his unproven assessement and ban numbers from the match or disregard his garbage and allow numbers to play. I personally won’t be there for the match but I can honeslty say that if you allow a certain clan to play we probably will not enter.

  11. Evo, This is “I did this also”, you can obviously tell that someone is misleading you and is very impartial to getting numbers out of the tournament. If, you actually monitor these tournaments, then there should be no issues, just let everyone in. If you don’t, then the event will not turn out anyways. Cheaters are cowards, just as individuals that accuse yet hide their identity. We are a very good / clean clan when it comes to gameplay. You have just one unknown reference to numbers being cheaters, yet numerous and non-related references to other clans entering this tournament that mod and hack. Im not says remove theirs, but don’t remove numbers. Also, is it correct that the tournament gameplay is monitored?

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