IMPORTANT EGU July 2012 schedule/Update

June is winding down and the dust is settling here at EGU. We have had a busy couple of months here at our headquarters in Victoria BC.
For the past few months I have been heavily promoting the new Resident evil game from Capcom ( Operation Raccoon City) and preparing for the arrival of Ghost Recon Future Soldier which we have put a big focus on here at EGU.

Not only that but we have been continually supporting the communities of existing games( THQ’s Space Marine has been a big part of our time)  through competitive play while looking to the horizon for the slew of new games coming down the pipe.

Our over-arching goal at EGU is to become a destination HUB for competitive gamers ONLINE. My goal was never to overtake “MLG “or” Gamebattles” or even “Fragged nation” but serve as an alternate outlet for players who do not want to engage in a competitive ” Ladder based system”. EGU is all about hosted events by our staff and epic level tournament play. We have branched out and developed league play but it’s inheritantly not a league system due to the fact that the ‘ regular season play’ is not reflected in a leaderboard anywhere and is used to determine your tournament seeding at the conclusion.

EVO Gaming UNLIMITED is all about community and the I belive it is the people who power the games not the other way around.

I have seen amazingly commercially successful games go on  to have the worst community of gamers attached to them which in the end makes the game undesirable by the actual gamers themselves. Essentially the game erodes from the inside.EGU has picked games that are both valid competitive games and one’s that have a strong community of players to support it.

With that said here is what we have happening in the month of July at EVO Gaming UNLIMITED.

July 13-14th: Star Hawk

This is our first foray into the game Star Hawk. We are essentially diving into unchartered waters with this endeavor. We have a community liaison in place to spearhead the launch of this tournament and if all goes well we may see Star Hawk become a familiar face at EGU. The tournament page is set up at our official Site HERE  and registration is being handled through our official Forums under the appropriate section.

July 14th-15: Space Marine
Space Marine has been a labour of love for us. We started off supporting the XBOX community in a big launch tournament and quickly lost sight of them. As they disappeared to play elsewhere we found some new friends over on the PS3 side of the fence and have been supporting them ever since.

The Battle For Cadia Prime is an exciting FREE to play event that pits 8 man teams against each other in exclusively DLC maps and modes!

July 14th: Homefront
This game is a tricky one. Its community is for all intents and purposes dead to the world. There are pockets of players scattered around the internet playing it on various platforms but finding them and bringing them together has been near impossible. I have scheduled a tentative event for July 14th that may be rescheduled if we cannot assemble the community in time. I am putting my personal touch on this and I am determined to pull this community out. In my mind they deserve it as Homefront was an amazing game that got blasted in the press and overshadowed by more popular games.


Mortal Kombat
While I have no firm date for this event yet I am however actively courting the community to see if we can host a competitive event. EGU needs to branch out into other Non shooter areas and a fighting game of this caliber is the best way to kick it off. If MK doesn’t happen I am still determined to pull this community towards us with future fighting game events.

In the planning stages but it will be our first foray into Fighting games at EGU!

Ghost Recon Future Soldier
GRFS is a darling child to us here at EGU. We monitored the game during BETA and planned our launch prior to its release. We knew we would love it and wanted to give it a firm competitive home with us. We are among the few companies to even host an organized competitive event since launch and with our upcoming GR:League we want the community to know we OWN the competitive play with this game. Our league is set to launch in July when we have enough teams signed up and will run for 4 weeks culminating in an epic tournament in August.

An epic 4 week long League.Regular season play culminating in a Double elimination Tournament in August

I will be going on Holidays in July so I don’t want our community to get alarmed when they don’t see me posting or writing articles on the blog like normal.

All our events will be handled by our staff and the machine will still be in motion. I can’t wait for August and hopefully we will have more events and our staffing line up will free me up to create some truly awesome events.

As always , message me directly or post on our forums to contact me. Get ready for a great summer everyone!



– You can access our Forums and Blog all from this central HUB as well as info on all of our events.


Dwayne ‘”EVO Knight”  Morash


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