Why you need to be playing Seige….NOW!

Do you ever remember when you played a video game and you only had 3 lives. You know like back in the day when Arcades were cool and you only had 25 cents to play your favourite video game and you only had 3 lives to beat the game.

Do you remember that feeling of empowerment and despair all rolled into the same little ball? I sure do but to tell you the truth I havent felt it since then ( and YES I am a very OLD gamer!!).

Well welcome to Seige Mode in Ghost Recon Future Soldier. Let me give you a tour of this completely intense experience bundled in the latest Ghost Recon game that is probably going un played by a vast majority of players.

Seige is an objective based game mode that is like a mini playoff. It’s a best of 3 rounds match pitting two teams against each other ( Ghosts and Bodark)

Round 1 will have a team defending an objective point ( usually a piece of hackable intel) while the other team is tasked with hacking it. Full teams consist of 6 players each and with the option of taking on one of 3 roles in  the game ( Scout, Rifleman, Engineer)

The trick is that everyone on both teams only has one life! The match ends when one of two things have happened

a) Everyone on the opposing team have been killed

b) The objective is either hacked or defended for the duration of the round.

This process repeats itself each round with objective responsibility changing until a team wins 2 of the potential 3 rounds.

Here is what makes this game intense. YOU HAVE ONE LIFE!

The first thing you will notice ( or should if your team is playing properly) is that everyone starts moving with a purpose. You no longer see XYZ player running out in the open shooting his gun and throwing frag grenades. Everyone is using cover and even the quietest of players start talking into their headset asking for help and or directions of enemies.

Everyone has a certain degree of paranoia embedded in their footsteps when playing Seige.

When you die you are treated to a spectator view of the remaining players on the battlefield. You can still chat with your team mates and provide some ” back seat shooting ” but you aren’t able to move the camera around the maps; you are limited to what they themselves can see only you may catch something they missed while moving around. Even though your dead it still keeps you engaged in the match.

I’m not saying that this game mode is better than a typical respawn game mode but shooting games have become so watered down as far as showing how important it is to stay alive that they have created a whole generation of Mutant ADD gamers that are now unleashed on our world.

Play any game of COD and you see that spawning into a game after you have died is as quick as you can push a button. There is no consequence in dying in a game ( Call of Duty isn’t the only culprit mind you) and hence skill actually takes a backseat . I often find myself rushing into the fray after dying in a game of death match or a game mode allowing respawns. It quickly turns into a meat grinder scenario where my bodies are getting chewed  up as quick as I can run into the fray. In some cases the game hasnt event removed my body from the screen and I’m literally running over my corpse grabbing ammo off my <dead> self!

Playing Seige makes you feel mortal and its an AMAZING feeling! Adrenaline mixed with a dose of ” bad assness”. When you take out another player in this mode you really feel lke you have contributed to the mission. Remember with only 6 players on the opposing team EVERY kill counts and helps the team in a bigger way than any game of ” Unlimited Respawns” does.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier is an amazing game that gives you all sorts of cool tech to win the war. I even heard some one jokingly say that the games aren’t won with bullets anymore. They said that as a negative comment but I think that’s what GRFS wants to be. I game that encourages lateral thinking and provoking you  to think of other ways to win the game. Whether that be with an automated turret positioned to keep your objective safe or a high-flying drone that patrols the skies of the maps providing intel.

Playing a video game has never been so exciting as it has when I am playing GRFS in Seige mode.

Find yourself a good team of players and form up a squad. Make sure you communicate with each other and make the best possible use of that one life the game gives you because mommy isn’t gonna give you another quarter to plunk in this game when you die.

Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash


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