EGU…The new kid on the block!


Well its been almost a year since I closed down EVO Games. To be exact the last day we where open was January 15th so I have a few more weeks before I light the candles and celebrate the first year of my “EVO less” life.

That is not entirely true however. I have been running EVO Gaming UNLIMITED for almost as long as we have been closed as a LAN centre and it took off like wildfire back in February. I was writing 4-5 articles a day and organizing tournaments like crazy. Of course to be fair I also did not have a job and EGU was my primary outlet for my gaming hobby.

It was very therapeutic and helped me deal with the feeling of defeat I had after having to close my lifelong dream that was ” EVO Games”. I love writing and it was a natural fit to write/blog about my hobby. To this day the EVO Blog ( that’s what your reading now) is still getting over 100 hits a day ( averaging approx 3000 a month) and I havent even written anything new since the summer.

Eventually we/I transitioned into a full-fledged website and use WordPress as a blog extension to that site. I am still working on the main site here at and it continues  to be refined.

The biggest challenge I have now going into the new year is….” What do I do with EGU?”

This started out as a way to keep my mind active and to hold onto a small part of my failed business but it turned into something of its own.

Here is what I envisioned for EVO Gaming UNLIMITED.

” To be a home for competitive gamers around the world who log on nightly to play faceless warriors online through XBL/PSN and are unaware of the fun and excitement that comes from organized play. TO those warriors..come and join our community and experience competitive play the way we do. Have fun and make friends but at the same time take your hobby just a little more serious so as to prove to everyone that this skill you have has a gamer is recognized by someone other than yourself.

I want to build community’s around games that deserve it! That doesn’t mean games that sell a million copies in a day but games that are built for competitive play and has a fan base that wants it to succeed in such a manner. I want EGU to be the home of games that MLG and gamebattles don’t care about.”

I really do think that there is room for an entity like EGU in the online gaming space. I have lots of exerience and even though we dont have the money to put into a massively cool website I know what it takes  to be in this business. I am on to something here im just not  to sure how to make it work on a large scale level…

To that extent I have been spending long hours interacting with various communities and posting on forums trying to gather players to my fold. This has taken soooo much energy and time from me. I have made some wins ( We hosted the worlds ONLY Transformers Fall of cybertron Tournament and Ghost Recon Future Soldier tournament on both PS3 and XBOX360!)

I have made some contacts within the industry that have supported us ( Mad Catz, Tritton, Slant Six games) and also made many friends.

So what does all this mean at the end of the day?

Well I do now that the time I had a year ago is not the same as I have now. I have welcomed my newest member of my family into the world a mere 3 weeks ago and I have started a new job. At 39 years of age I am struggling  to find a happy balance between my hobbies and my role as a husband and father of 3 .

EGU is not a business in the traditional sense for me. I am not making money from my hard work and I don’t forsee that  happening anytime soon either. I do it because I love gaming and because deep down I cant let EVO die.

So what do I do now?

I dont think I will ever become as great as MLG although I once thought I could become a Canadian equivalent of some kind. The fact that I am still alone in everything I do here at EVO means that at some point my abilities and my energy will hit its peek and I will not be able to take EVO to the next level.

If I had a team of like minded people who saw my vision and wanted to be a part of it I caould see us becoming something great but  to be honest I just dont know if I have the strength to do it by myself.

The new year will tell what happens with EGU and wether I have the drive and strength to push forward alone and turn it into something that could become a great concept and alternative to more polished companies. Maybe one day I will have that polish and look back on these days and smile.

For now  EGU is the new kid on the block and you can find me on XBL most nights and my friends list is always open to add you if you just want to get some gaming in.

Stay tuned EVO Gamers and have a happy holiday season and a even better new Year!

Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash


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