Fall of Cybertron ” Darkest Hour” tournament announcement


The new year is almost here and with it rings in a new direction for EVO Gaming UNLIMITED. One of the first things to expect from us will be a brand new Tournament for one of my favourite games of 2012; Fall of Cybertron.

Details are still being worked on for this follow up event to our first tournament when the game launched. For now here is what you can expect to see in the ” Darkest Hour” in January 2013!

  • 6v6 team format
  • DLC allowed
  • Double elimination format
  • variety of game modes not just 1 type
  • “Escalation” game mode scoring to determine seeding of tournament ( details to follow)

EGU will be rolling out official rules via our Tournament site at http://www.evogamingunlimited.enjin.com and we encourage all players who are interested to sign up on our forums and start getting involved in the commmunity.

Leading up to the main event in January you will see a focus on ” Escalation” and a dedicated forum section for players to post their top scores.

I am excited to be supporting this game that I feel deserves its place on the shelf of competitive gamers everywhere.


Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash


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