Product Review: One PRO deserves another

This one has been a long time coming. I have had my Tritton PRO+ gaming headset for over a year now and it was a gift/review product from none other than Tritton themselves. Perhaps timing was to blame but it has taken me this long to get around to putting fingers to keys and pound out my thoughts about this amazing gaming headset.

Gaming headsets have become increasingly the norm these days, yet I can remember when I was launching EVO Games LAN center and I couldnt find a pair of Turtle Beach headsets in store to save my life ( the now extinct TB X1’s). I guess they just hadn’t hit mainstream enough to find them sitting in Wal-Mart on a shelf

In the years that followed I managed to stay ahead of the mid level curve by outfitting all of our stations with each yearly successor that Turtle Beach rolled out. Mid level headsets get the job done and serve to keep your explosions and bullet fire contained within your cranium but they don’t really throw you into the game like a top-tier gaming headset does.

That all changed when I strapped my PRO+ Dolby Digital surround sound headset on!

If you have read my previous review on the Tritton Detonnators and Turtle Beach X12’s you know my background from an acoustic point of view so I wont stand on my soapbox and tell you how qualified I am to grade audio products. What I will tell you is that this gaming headset deserves to be in your home strapped on your head every time you play !

In the Box: Lets start with unboxing. The PRO+ is a big box fulled with a lot of tech; and if you don’t read the instructions you may find yourself hooking them up wrong.  Take time to get acquainted with each cord and part and know what to do with them. Tritton was nice enough to include everything you could possible need in the box so you wont be heading out to your local audio shop looking for little widgets etc.

The brains of the operation is the Mix amp . This little white box is the brains of your Headset and will also be the hub that has all your various cables interconnected to. It requires a dedicated power source and should remain close to you in case you need to make any on the fly adjustments while your gaming. YOur surround channel volume as well as master volume is toggled here.

Build Quality:The actual headset itself is beautifully crafted and has a very weighty feel. The design  looks carved and intentional rather than assembled from left over plastic ruminants like some lower grade headsets. Pin striping and glowing ” Double T” Tritton logos round out the simply delicious looking headset. The cups are solid and fit ever so comfy on your head; even after extended play sessions. You are literally isolated inside your oasis of sound.1_big

One cool feature I liked was the ability to ” cradle” the headset around your neck with the cups turning face down against your chest.I have a problem where after a few sessions my ears get sweaty and itchy; so taking breaks with the headset off my head has been a necessity. Using the PRO’s in a ” cradle position allows me to take a break while still hearing the audio as the rest around my neck .
As is the norm with Tritton these days it seems ; is the detachable boom mic. I actually like this feature a lot. sometimes I am gaming without talking to anyone and having a nice paid of headphones without a distracting mic in front of my mouth is a little perk.

The dongle on the PRO’s have a full suite of controls for gamers. You can toggle and adjust master volume as well as individual channels ( front, rear, center, and sub woofer). As s with all headsets now is the feature of being able to toggle your ability to hear your own voice during chat. As silly as this sounds it actually helps gauge your speaking volume and keeps your team mates on your good side.proplusremote

Turning your mic off as well as simply muting the entire headset is all at the flick of a switch on the dingle. The only thing that to this day eludes me is how to clip the dongle onto your shirt or otherwise while your gaming so I’m not reaching for it as needed.

Sound Quality:  Depending on your experience with audio equipment and headphone in particular you may or may not see value with a Top line Surround sound gaming headset and that’s okay! Not everyone’s ears can appreciate the nuances of surround sound and the benefits that Dolby Digital in particular adds.

Let me fill in some knowledge gaps as it pertains to Dolby and the term “Digital”. Dolby introduced Dolby Digital back in 1994-95 and it heralded in a new generation of audio product, ranging from amplifiers to DVD players and even computer sound cards. It was a call to arms for marketing department around the world and pretty much guaranteed that people would stand up and take notice if your product bore the logo.

I remember seeing my first Dolby Digital Movie in the theaters ( Waterworld with Kevin Costner) and leaving  going WOW!

Here’s how Dolby Digital works. The sound ” author” ; in this case the game designer digitally steers the sound of his game to specific channels for optimum effect. The channels are front ( left and right) , rear ( left and right), center, and a dedicated subwoofer  channel. This varies from the old school PRO logic system in that the rear channels are in stereo and the sub woofer exists in its own distinct channel creating a cleaner more solid bass track. This is also known as Dolby 5.1  for the 5 channels of sound .

The PRO+ accomplishes this by using multiple drivers embedded in each ears sound cup; 4 to be precise. This creates the effect of a larger environment and sound effects that travel from from to back and all around you as though you where standing in a home theater. Imagine strapping a high-end home theater to your head and playing video games through it…you wouldn’t be far off.


Most of my play testing has been with shooters and adventure games but those types of games have some of the best spatial sound fields of any game.
Battlefeild 4 comes alive like nothing you have experienced. When I am walking in the confines of a hallway or a building you can lightly hear the echoes of my footsteps as I walk. Bullets fly by my head and make me duck and I hear crickets and livestock chirping away all around me on some maps! The extent of how the PRO+ handles surround sound needs to be heard….and then experienced.

Music is another benchmark and not something a gamer really pays attention to. I happen to love VEVO and music videos in general. I can happily say that when dealing with a pure musical audio source the Trittons don’t let you down. Plating video games with a chaotic sound mix and in consistent tones and sounds makes it hard to appreciate the headsets range but when you fire up some smooth jazz or some powerful vocals from Adelle; well lets just say that you may never want to take the Pro+ off your head!
Bass notes are tight and crisp without any warble or fluttering from the drivers . There is never a moment in game or in song where you feel the force of the bass note is outpacing the drivers ability to render the sound in perfect form.

Vocals and high range fair just as well with notes coming in clean and without any scratchiness that accompanies speakers not able to cover the frequency range.

reviewing gaming headsets are such a difficult job. On one hand you need to appreciate that not everyone has the same preferences and auditory range to experience the headphones in the same way you have. Everyone also is swayed by the powerful marketing machine that all the company’s put out there ( Turtle Beach, Razer, Astros etc..) and at the end of the day all of these headsets are light years ahead of your TV speakers.

So how do you read a review and then take the plunge and sink $200+ into a pair of high-end gaming headphones based on a single persons opinion?

Well in the case of the Tritton PRO+ 5.1 surround headset…you just do!

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