The PRO factor


What does it mean to go ” PRO”?

Well i the world of video games it usually means that you have to achieve a level of skill that outpaces your peers and puts you in a class beyond a ” casual”.

Really what this means is that you want to tale your video gaming skills into a organized competitive arena…ie “GO PRO”
Now not so fast.
Within the video game hobby there exists a segment that refers to itself as E sports….or electronic sports. This is the domain of several large companies and hundreds of smaller ones that are carving out an existence as outlets for all these players who crave more than simple matchmaking and pick up games over PSN and XBOX live.
These companies provide a platform/stage as well as tools and events to put players skills to the test against others of their kind in team environments as well as solo efforts. One company in particular ( MLG) has done the best at defining what it means to be a PRO gamer.
By creating an infrastructure and supporting the E-sport segment in such a big way its no wonder that gamers use them as a defining standard; I mean who else can provide that level of support to this growing community of cyber athletes.

Well for one….We can!

The PRO factor is my way of standing tall and shouting to the gaming community ” lets re write the rules of what defines a PRO gamer!”

When I started this endeavor I wanted to turn a page on this next step in my hobby and more importantly I didn’t want to follow i the footsteps of someone or some company that had done this prior to me. I wanted to blaze a trail of my own. But how was I going to compete with the likes of a multi-million dollar giant and hundreds of web sites and companies that had beaten me to the punch?


I start with the games.

To me being a game that offers a suite of multi player tools for the players formed around a competitive mode that pits players against each other deserves to be called a competitive game. I am not so elitist that I define a game as ” e sport worthy” by the standard of how many players play it or whether so called PRO gamers have signed off on it.
A perfect example is a game called ” Space Marine “. By all accounts this game is Dead. No one knows it exists and Im sure random matches are non existent. No one would be at fault if they declared this game ” not a competitive video game” But that’s where you’d be wrong.
Try goggling ” Space Marine video game clans” and then watch your jaw drop.
This game is being played in such a competitive manner within the community that loves it that it is flourishing. Tournaments, skirmishes and private matches galore.
This game is E sport worthy but you’d never know it because It didn’t sell a million copies on day of release and it didn’t have a billion dollar marketing budget.
Proof is that in 2012 I ran a tournament with this game that pulled almost 50 players together ONLINE to compete for bragging rights.

My point is that PRO peals back the layers of what it means to be a competitive game and thereby re defines your status as a PRO gamer. If you play a game that has multi-player and you play it well. Does that mean you you cannot be counted in the category of being a PRO unless your game is Call of Duty or league of legends.
Skill is what defines you to our comp[any not the skill in a particular game.
To this end PRO will be hosting tournaments with Next Gen games that have a community and an audience that cares about it.
Some will be FREE and others will have costs attached to them but all will showcase your skill and dedication to your chosen SPORT. Racing games, fighting games, MOBAS, FPS, TPS, RTS and every thing in between. If the community is there you can bet we will support it at some point.

We are launching our website soon and while functional for what I want to do it will not be a site that competes with the best in class of other competitive gaming sites. It will be a reflection on my company branding and the message we want to bring to gamers. Our social media campaign is already ONLINE and we are growing everyday. I have started to develop details for a few events and with Next gen launching you can bet that we will be ramping up soon.

PRO will grow and hopefully we will become big enough to take our place as a defining entity of what it means to be a PRO video gamer and when that happens rest assured that it will be a definition that we have forged and created pulled from your blood sweat and tears on the virtual battleground!

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Company web site: TBA

Dwayne”EVO Knight” Morash


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