5 Tips to Becoming a Better PRO Gamer

We all know the feeling  right? The uncontrollable rage you feel when you just finish a multi player match with a negative KD spread( that’s dying more than your killing for all you new online warriors reading this). Or maybe its the feeling you get when you can’t get a single kill and your spending more time looking at your kill cam than your own crosshairs.

You are not alone and even though everyone you talk to online claims they are a PRO; we all know that mastering the basics never hurt anyone. I have put  together some basic tips that will give all you veterans out there a refresher and also be a good launch pad for new players to the art of online warfare.

Tip#1: Know your controls inside and out. This goes without saying but if you’re gonna click the option to play online multiplayer you better damn well know what buttons do what and have a complete understanding of what all the control options in the game are.I have been in many multi player matches with new players only to hear them screaming out for help because they don’t know the buttons for basic commands. Multiplayer should be treated like a drivers licence; don’t  take your road test if you don’t even know where the brakes are!

Single player campaign does a very good job of walking through the game’s control schemes and a lot of multi player pros will tell you  that essentially the campaign is a glorified training ground for the multi player arena ( and if you have ever played a Call of Duty campaign you will know exactly what they mean)

Dig out the instruction book, play a few dozen hours of the story whatever it takes but make sure you aren’t asking yourself silly questions like ” how do I reload? ”

Beyond basic controls the better players are always digging into the options screen for each game they play to fine tune the experience further. Sensitivity, button configurations and general settings like Brightness and audio all play a role in how effective you are in the virtual arena. Play with the settings until the using the controller is like riding a bike ( you do still remember how to ride a bike right?).

Tip#2: Map Knowledge: In every multiplayer game there will be a handful of maps that annoy the heck out of any player. If you are new to Online multi player then that is pretty much all the maps unless of course you learn them inside and out.LEARNING MAPS IS FUN!  Why is that you may ask?? Well in order to learn your maps in a multi player game you just have to play the game…lots!

Repetition is the only way to accomplish this and beyond just playing you need to start training your mind to remember things like weapon spawns, choke points and respawn zones. To put that in layman’s terms its simple; ” where the cool weapons are located?”, ” Where everyone seems to be going to shoot each other?” and ” where do I start when I come back to life?”

As you continue to play you will start to notice all of these things and at some point the maps will become imprinted on you so that when you start a game you develop some pre determined paths and tactics that are second nature ( although the best players are always challenging  themselves to step outside of their habits)

Take the time to play the various maps with your friends in a private match. This will enable all of you to spend some time walking the arena and get the lay of the land without having a team of angry online players out for blood.

Tip #3: Tools of the trade: This step has two points. The first one pertains to your in game experience. In any multi player game you’ll ever encounter there are a variety of ways in which you can defeat and deal kills to your opponents. In the shooter category it is essentially your various guns you either unlock or you find on the map during a match. No matter what form or shape they come in these are your tools of the trade while in the virtual arena. Just like your control set up you MUST learn all these weapons inside and out.  Again spending times with them in your virtual hands is the only real way to get good with them. Dont fancy yourself a sniper ? Well guess what..start picking that sniper rifle up and using it. In a typical HALO match I will always come across players who decide to ignore a power weapon that’s lying on the ground because they are waiting for there prefered weapon of destruction to respawn on the other side of the map so they can go get it; meanwhile an enemy player walks by and picks up the power weapon for himself and proceeds to rain death down from the heavens because HE happens to be good with it. Nabbing power weapons on a ” power weapons as pick ups” game serves two purposes; it prevents the enemy from getting them and it also drags you out of your shell if you aren’t comfortable and gives you some much-needed hands on time with your ” little friend” ( Scarface reference there in case you missed it). You can always drop it in favour of your pending respawn weapon on the other side of the map.

mmmmm…..what gun should I pick today?

The other aspect to this tip is your out of game tools. This would be your TV/Monitor, your gaming headset and your actual controller itself; heck even your internet connection. Give some thought to these elements if you want to ensure your place in the big leagues. Not to go into tremendous depth on what gear I would recommend ( that’s another post all together) suffice to say you make sure that all the gear you are using is comfortable and performs well.

I myself use a 23″ HD monitor; not a TV and a  Tritton PRO+ gaming headset and always make sure I have a new controller with perky ” nubbies”. Think of it this way; when was the last time you watched a PRO golfer pull out a bent Iron or a warped Wood to start his run on  Pebble Beach .

Tip # 4:Know your role: You know those guys who run around the map soaking up bullets and ending up with twice as many deaths as they did kills? Those are the guys who don’t know their role. They are thinking that all there is to a multi player game is to run around and find people to shoot. Sadly your team will end up losing because while he is dying and respawning he is also feeding your opponents with much-needed kills and while you yourself may be hiding in a corner safe he just lost the game for everyone because the other team just farmed him for all the kills they needed.

It’s okay to hit the ground running but always have a plan. Running around a map hoping to find someone to kill is NOT a good plan. Knowing what type of player you are is key. If you find that you have a great running and gunning game and are better when your mobile then map out a perimeter and patrol it. If you are less about direct engagements then find a nice section of the map and set up shop ( I would have said ” pitch a tent” but that may have offended some of you). There are a variety of play styles you can take but as long as you know what you’re doing and aren’t just hoping to luck out and get some kills you’ll be helping your team out immensely. No  one is going to complain  to the guy who sat in a corner the whole match and got a 3:1 KD spread ( except maybe the other team) but you can sure bet that a losing team will rip apart a fellow team-mate who just got a 1:5 KD Spread ( that’s dying 5 times for every kill they get!). One solid tip that I can safely say works no matter what game you play is the ” safety in numbers” tactic. If you are new to a game and don’t have a good map knowledge or a handle on what you’re doing; you should follow a pack of other players into battle. Stick close and give some supporting fire. You will be surprised at how often you get some kills just from stray bullets hitting a weakened enemy that everyone is firing at. It helps your self-esteem and helps the team; just don’t pay any attention to the whiny little bitches complaining that you stole their kill…Im sure he will return the favour soon enough.

Tip #5: In the words of that cute little green Jedi himself ;do or do not there is no try.

There are a ton more tips I could give you about things to improve your game but the five I have touched on here will get you started.
Play lots and don’t give up. If you get your but handed to you wait for the next round and show them what you learned from the last game. Dont listen to smack talk ( that only distracts you from getting your job done) and focus on getting better. Remember the tips above and you will be on your way to the top of the leaderboard in no time.
Good Luck

Dwayne “EVO Knight” Morash


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