PRO heads for Next Gen in 2014

Next-Gen-competitive-gamingTwo years ago around this time I was typing away on this very blog site writing articles about competitive gaming and spewing opinions on games and industry topics like no ones business. I had just closed down my LAN center EVO GAMES and decided to carry on its legacy in the form of a BLOG called ” EVO Unlimited”, which your reading now.

EVO Unlimited Hosted an ONLINE Ghost Recon Future soldier tournament sponsored by Mad Catz!

2012 was very exciting for us here at EVO. We started strong with some online tournaments for a variety of games and kept building off them while we grew our community. New games kept launching and we kept supporting  them through competitive play and more articles. All told in 2012 I would say we hosted approx 6-7 tournaments with a combined player attendance of 100+ players!

Our biggest accomplishment was a Ghost Recon Tournament that managed to gain some attention and sponsorship from Mad Catz/Tritton. Overall a very productive year for me.

Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash, Molly Morash, Makaela Morash, and newborn Violet Rayne Morash

2013 was the exact opposite. starting some new jobs and juggling the responsibility of being a husband to my pregnant wife and preparing our life for the arrival of our newest family member  Violet Rayne ;meant that I fell behind on my article writing and tournaments can to a virtual stand still. I poked in once in awhile but for the most part the blog remained as it was at the end of 2012. While boasting an impressive archive of articles from the year prior I sadly contributed next to nothing in the way of new writing.

Games came and went in 2013 and I spent the better part of it ” Offline” in the sense of not having a large social circle. EVO Unlimited ” Died” in 2013 only  to be reborn as “PRO”.

Why the re-naming you may ask?

Partly due to my wanting to turn a page in my adventure with the EVO brand. It was something that was dear to me and after closing the true origin of the name in the form of my game center I thought that maybe it was time for a new direction and a new name to encapsulate that goal.

PRO was born in 2013 and this blog still carries the EVO name as a homage so to speak. I continue to write and 2014 will bring even moe articles and excitment.

So whats going on with PRO in 2014?

XBOX One and PS4 will both find a home at PRO in 2014

Pro is poised to launch in 2014 formally. I am putting more work into the website and will unveil it in January/February . It will be the stepping on point for gamers who are ready to go competitive with thier next gen consoles. Rules, logistics, Game line ups and a fair and mature playing space awaits our community when we open the doors to the site.

My partnership with UGR Gaming is strong and you can continue to read my articles posted at http://www.ugrgaming as well as this blog. UGR is an amazing partner and together I hope to accomplish great things in 2014.


Playstation 4 support is currently in a stallled state. As an XBOX fan and loyalist I dont plan on getting a PS4 this gen. I do however want to support that community in every way possible . This really hinges on finding a mature and ambitious person to join the PRO team.controller005 Someone who wants join us in our journey with PRO and someone who can dedicate some time like we are to making it happen. If you know someone like that please send them our way. reaching out to our social Media is the first step and or emailing ””

Gottacon 2012; A local Convention Tournament hosted by EVO Games

Tournaments are coming. The main focus of PRO is on competitive play and we will live up to that promise in 2014. Both local and ONLINE formats will be supported so don’t worry if you don’t live in Victoria Canada . Our main goal right now is to lock down a game line up comprised of great multi-player titles and games that have a strong community backing the, being so early in the Next Gen life cycle it is hard to pin point what those games are and what players want   to see as far as competitive events.Titles that we are circling around are, TitanFall, Destiny, and of course the new HALO when it is launched later in the year. After E3 we will have a clearer picture as to what titles will be carried by PRO. Right now we are in flux and looking for some solid game footing.

My main focus is establishing PRO as a destination for competitive gamers seeking a playspace that caters to all aspects of the E-sport community and not just the elitest players who feel that League of Legends and Call of Duty are definition of Commpetitive games. I want to re write that definition and establish ourselves as a destination of quality E-Sports.

Thank you for all of your support in this journey so far. I am excited about this generation and to be at ground level of its launch. We have many years of gaming ahead of us and if last gen was any indication of what I cooked up in this crazy head of mine…well you are in for one hell of a ride!

Dwayne ” EVO Knight” Morash


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