Killer Instinct 2014 Tournament video results

February 9th was an important day for us here at EGU/PRO. We have spent the last year re branding our company and getting our systems in place to start hosting regular events. The launching of Next-Gen consoles has in actual fact slowed our stride.

Now we all know that having new hardware is undeniably an exciting prospect but when it comes to the competitive community it actually serves to fragment the player base. Imagine pre-next gen launch; We want to host a tournament for a popular game. We have 2 platforms to cater to and organize the event around….now we have 4.


PRO made the conscious decision to be NEXT GEN exclusively and to that end we also have a challenge in deciding exactly what games to support and host events for this early in the console generation.

When  it comes to fighting games thankfully that choice is simple. There aren’t any option i this genre yet and with XBOX One giving us an amazing remake of a RETRO title from the mid 90’s we were off to the races.

The event was requested by UGR gaming and we stepped up to support it. The original rules and details can be found HERE.

We pulled in a small participant list but everyone was passionate and dedicated to kicking it off. Below is the gameplay footage of the entire tournament for your enjoyment in case you missed the live event!

Thanks to everyone involved that made it possible. I am excited to say that PRO is officially on its way for 2014!


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