5 Reasons Titanfall Deserves your Respect

Titanfall launches on March 11 here in North America and while the internet is buzzing about why or why not this is a game changing piece of software; I have compiled a short list of reasons you need to stop bickering and listen to me. Enjoy!

1: ” Whats old is new again” The FPS genre has been slipping into a state of laziness for the past 4-5 years while developers churn out near carbon copy games of either others like it or equals to existing franchises. Titanfall is a FRESH new IP and with that comes a sense of freedom from past experiences. We as players get to step into a brand new world and experience all sorts of new moments along with everyone else.

tf_2014There is no ” Late to the party syndrome” where you end up playing a game that everyone else has been learning to master for years. Everyone in  the world is playing it for the first time along with you on day 1 ( or whenever you decide to jump in) Yes people will argue that this is just another FPS albeit with giant Mechs and jet packs but the keen observers have already noted that Titanfall is much more…

Thank you Infinity Ward…err,…Respawn for giving us COD4

2: ” Remember that game called Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare ?” Lest  we forget a time when Call of Duty was actually a good game. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was the turning point for the franchise.  COD4 as it was really considered became an overnight success and ushered in a new era of shooters. It single-handedly usurped HALO from its thrown and despite several attempts at revolting ; poor Master Chief and his loyal minions haven’t been able to reclaim it! More than just a financial success; COD4 is viewed as the pinnacle of the series quality.

It introduced us to new concepts for a shooter that pervade all shooters to this day. Experience points, leveling systems, un-lockable’s and the special abilities/perks where more akin to fantasy Role Playing games than they where First person shooters but Infinity Ward where blazing new trails here to be sure and that gamble paid off beyond belief. Hardcore shooter fans soon adopted the concepts of a progressive leveling system in a military FPS. It was like  dropping a chocolate bar into a tub of peanut butter…

This guy is having FUN…must be playing Titanfall

3:” Fun…you remember what fun is ?” Gamers have lost there way. This is a general statement across all genres and not just shooting games. As a gamer who has played games since 1977 and literally seen the evolution of the gaming industry I can personally tell you that the internet has destroyed the soul of a true gamer! Daily I read forums and message  boards and they are filled with ” gamers” who are ranting about game graphics, frame rates, which consoles are better and why games suck….as in every game! For every positive comment about a particular game there is at least 10 more negative. The internet is sucking the soul out of gaming. I remember a time when there was no internet. A time when you where excited to walk into your local game shop < yes they had them back in the day> and discover a new game. You bought it without knowing much about it and guess what…You enjoyed it because it was something new and different. It didn’t get judged on a website by privileged little kids who think that they can make video games better  than the developers themselves. Titanfall is SUPER FUN! The game is fast paced and is always engaging. Playing the BETA I can tell  you that I caught myself grinning more often than naught and I was experiencing something I haven’t felt in a long time. FUN. Running, boosting, shooting, piloting Titans and seeing my character level over the course of every match I played was thrilling and exciting.I couldn’t stop playing and that was just on two maps ! Titanfall puts the FUN back into FPS  ( err…..maybe a new genre called FFPS )

4: ” Gameplay trumps Graphics” The whole industry is obsessed with resolution ( 1080p versus 720p) and gamers are now the equivalent of spoiled little brats when it comes to how video games look. Remember when games where comprised of just square blocks bouncing another square block between them? How about that game called Pac-Man that sits in the history books as one of the most famous video games of all  time.

Yeah I actually owned this game……and loved it!

Those are extreme examples from an era of gaming that most of you have never experienced. The point Im getting at iis that the expectations of gamers in this generation is that better graphics makes a better game and when a game doesnt boast 1080p resolution or 60FPS the game in question instant;y becomes a lesser valued product subjected to ridicule by the Internet. Without a solid foundation it doesnt matter what the game looks like; especially considering that in most FPS games today you barely have time to look around much less admire the scenery! Titanfall is forecast to be running 60FPS and boast resolution of 720-900p. I challenge anyone who has played it that the game doesn’t look and play amazingly well, despite not being native 1080p .

5:”Because Its the game we deserve, but not the one it wants”  To be honest I don’t think anyone knows what exactly they want anymore. Millions of players complain about games being the same year over year and that there is no more diversity in the market. Those same gamers complain when a developer changes something in an established franchise in order to ” shake things up” Its a viscous circle of ” we want change” and ” don’t you dare change what we love”. This industry relies on consumers buying the software nd not the hardware we play it on. Developers know that any deviation from the status quo could turn and amazing idea into an abysmall failure and in most cases a nail in the coffin for the studio. No one wants to temp fate and the ones who have paid dearly for thier ambition.

Titanfall may in fact be more badass than Batman !
Titanfall may in fact be more badass than Batman !

Respawn entertainment is a new studio with nothing to lose. No established franchise, No built in fan base. They literally have an opportunity to create something special here without bowing to the needs or wants of the fans. They are going  to create new ones with Titanfall and the only real question I have about the game is…where do we go from here?

Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash


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