Battlefield 4 Domination mode: Conquest on a diet


Change is always a scary thing; especially when you are talking about a game franchise that you have sunk untold hours of enjoyment into. Gamers inn particular are more passionate than any other community I have ever been a part of. We don’t like change but at the same time we criticize game franchises that don’t innovate.

The Battlefield franchise is perhaps one of the best examples of a passionate fan base that demand the care and attention of a new born baby. With each version of the game that has been released the developers [ Dice] have had to straddle a fine line between re invigorating their game  at the danger of alienating their fan base or leaving the game alone and simply updating the game engine to bring it a new level of presentation.

Luckily for us they have managed to walk the line without falling to one side or the other.

The backbone of Battlefield has always been its massive large scale matches involving up to 64 players working to control a map until the enemies reserves are depleted. This game mode is called Conquest and it exists as the defining match type for anyone who wants to see why Battlefield sits a part from other shooters of its kind.

Conquest has a full war machine at your disposal including Jets, tanks an everything in between! These matches can last up to an hour and truly do feel like a massive full scale war with big stakes on the line ( I know I hate playing for an hour only to loose) but what if you want a conquest style experience in a smaller wrapper?

Welcome to Domination!

Domination is a tight and thrill a minute game mode that makes its introduction in Battlefield 4. Its ” Conquest light” if you will.

Two teams are assembled and tasked with occupying 3 points on the battlefield. The more points that are occupied by a single team causes the opposing team to loose re-spawn tickets faster and faster until they run out and the game ends. The team with re-spawn tickets left wins.NOTE: capturing zones in Domination is a much quicker affair than in Conquest. All it takes is approx 5-8 seconds and you are in the Blue!

What makes Domination so intense is that the flag zones are so close together. DICE has taken existing maps and sectioned off specific areas to function as Domination maps. While you may be able to see the far away beaches on Hainan Resort you cannot go there. Your fight is the hotel itself and your three points are clustered within  ( C flag is in the front parking lot)., and what a fight it is.

Seige of Shanghai just got a lot more intimate!
Siege of Shanghai just got a lot more intimate!

In Domination you will not have the luxury of driving or flying to your flag zones; and because all the capture points are within a short running distance from each other you wont miss the extra help. Vehicles have been left in the motor-pool in Domination and this is strictly a infantry affair. Lock and Load cause your gun and you are the only tools of destruction you’ll get in this game mode!

Thanks to BF4’s upgraded frostbite engine and more dynamic destructibility; the hotel battleground comes alive like nothing before it. Wood is splintered  like kindling while glass and concrete are  blown away at the hands of grenades and rocket launchers. Michael Bay would be proud!

You wont be getting any rest in this Resort
You wont be getting any rest in this Resort

The key to  this game mode is maximizing your time alive. It inevitable that you will be re spawned but what you do with your spawn tickets is crucial. The temptation is to simply run and gun it to service your K/D ratio but I can tell you first hand that in the end you may end up a hero but your team will not be throwing you a party afterwards.

Capturing flag zones is the quickest and most effective way to glory and victory. One game I played I was feeling pretty good about myself and had a very healthy Kill/Death ratio only to see my name at the bottom of the scorecard. I couldn’t kill enough enemies to drain there tickets because they controlled the map and we where bleeding out troops quicker than we could kill the other teams!

Because of the intensity of this game mode its easy to get caught up in the thrill of simply running and gunning but if you take a breath and make a plan ( preferably with some squad mates) then you will find that you get better results.

Things to remember

  1. Even though its a smaller game mode you still owe a responsibility to the betterment of your squad. Stay Alive and spawn responsibly
  2. Play objective. Its easy  to get caught up in the ” Run N Gun” mentality and with al the chaos around you Kills become your focus. Take  STEP back and plan a strategy.
  3. Be mindful of enemy spawn locations. Spawns flip flop as the game goes and enemies are spawning on their team mates. Watch your corners and put your back to a wall ( Preferably one that wont get destroyed by a rocket launcher!)
  4. Don’t Rush off. Capture and hold…trust another squad to do the same and before you know it you’ll own all the flags!
  5. Don’t get  flustered. its always possible to come back from certain defeat with some team work and map control!

If you haven’t clicked on a domination match in the menu because your not sure what its all about I highly recommend it; just make sure you bring your “big boy” Game; because its not for the faint of heart.


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