5 Things I liked about the Halo 5 Guardians Beta

Having just played a good dose of Halo 5 Guardians Beta I thought I should throw together a Top 5 list of things I like about  Halo 5: Guardians in its current BETA state. Here we go…

1:  Graphics. Running at 60 FPS and 720P resolution Halo has never looked better. Guns and environments all look amazing and even in its BETA state are polished. The attention  to detail in the environment will surely get better with the years worth of polish that 343 is sure to apply.

2: Speed. HALO has never felt this fast paced. as a Spartan you are no longer a lumbering super Soldier who has to sluggishly run through the map with the occasional spring ( in the past 2 games anyway). Guardians showcases a new and improved Spartan soldier that can sprint indefinitely ( Once you build momentum you can actually see speed lines in your POV) and activate short bursts of speed. This has the effect of speeding up gameplay yet remaining level headed and not divulging into chaos like other FPS titles have succumbbed to.

3: Mobility. Navigating the maps now takes on a whole new dimension with the addition of a ” clamber” move. By tapping ” A” when you are close to a ledge your Spartan will climb the ledge in a very quick and smooth manner. Combine this with the new ” Spartan Dash”  move and you have a HALO game that truly fits in with its peers such as Titanfall and Advanced Warfare. It almost feels like you are utilizing the game space in ways the Devs didnt plan by navigating the ledges and geometry in ways you couldn’t before…it feels like your using a cheat mod  but in a good way.

4: Immersion: Little details like the sounds of your boots running on the metal floor and your Spartan Team mates calling out kills and weapon Spawns as well as congratulating you on good kills ( Sad that they needed to programme a vocabulary into the game to pat you on the back or support you in lieu of a human partner doing the same) are examples of the little things that embed you in the HALO universe.

5: Intensity.  Plain and Simple; Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer is INTENSE!  Combine all of the elements listed above and you have a shooter that is both satisfying and adrenaline packed. Engagements come and go and strategy is developed on the fly as the dynamics of the match change. Power weapons change hands and the moment to moment thrill of a true E-Sport experience  pervades all aspects of this game.

Halo has always been a intense experience  when played with a group of friends  but Halo 5 : Guardians takes it up several notches without destroying what made Halo a fun and balanced game.

I am excited to see more of what the Beta throws at us and be sure to keep checking back for more impressions when the full BETA launches on December 29th.

Dwayne”EVO Knight” Morash


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