About us

EVO Games is a competitive gaming company . We specialize in running live events as well as ONLINE  tournaments but the company primarily focuses on the growth of competitive gaming through this website. The company is currently in a growth phase of its operations and such is being run by two individuals; Dwayne Morash and Spencer Alexandruik.

Dwayne and Spencer are both avid gamers and have a passion for competitive play and the community that surrounds it.

Spencer Alexandruik is a semi professional gamer whose personal skill level and professionalism put him in a class of  his own.
Dwayne Morash’s knowledge of the gaming industry dates back as far as the 8bit era of gaming and he brings a wealth of gaming and industry knowledge to EVO Games

The hands on approach that Dwayne and Spencer take with all of our events means that you are always talking to a real person and able to reach out through various channels ( Facebook, XBOX Live, Twitter etc.) . We do not use any automation  and all tournaments are run by those two. If you have a question ; message us and we will hop into a live chat with you.

We may be a small organization but we handle all of our events with the attention you demand and the quality you expect.

You can contact us in the following ways

Email: gamingevolved@gmail.com
XBOX LIVE: Dwayne Morash GT: EVO Knight
Spencer Alexandruik GT: EVO Spitfire

Also follow us on Twitter @evogamesvic


Spencer "EVO Spitfire" Alexandruik
Dwayne" EVO Knight" Morash
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