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Making an E-Sport Team in EVOLVE

Evolve is only 11 days from going live in the wild. After a successful ALPHA and BETA, developer Turtle Rock is ready to unleash it into the hands of gamers around the world and if the feedback they have received so far is any indication; it looks like we will have a truly fun and unique new IP for Next Gen Consoles!

EVOLVE is an important game for a couple reasons. The fact that its a NEW IP is a huge draw and exactly what this new generation of console players  need. In order to move this industry forward it needs new blood and EVOLVE is ready to deliver that!
Secondly EVOLVE is the first new game this year to throw its hat into the ever so finicky realm of competitive gaming.While not being heavy handed about this aspect of the gameplay, studio Turtle Rock has been quoted as saying that the game has a very competitive component to it and this is not something they have turned a blind eye to. In fact most of the games early footage showed it accompanied by a “Shoutcaster“. The game has been showcased to the public in several events wrapped around a tournament format. So many elements of the game screams competitive play but on the surface the 4V1 nature causes a lot of the E-Sport purists out there to hesitate.

In this article I am going top give some tips on how to create you E-Sport Team for EVOLVE and some tips to go with it. In my follow  up article I will be sowing everyone the default Rule Set that PRO will be using for organized competitive play once the game goes LIVE.

How do I build a team with a Monster?!?!

Traditional team based multiplayer games revolve around symmetrical amounts of players typically 4v4 or higher. EVOLVE presents a unique format in that a team needs to be comprised of a 4 man team of Hunters and then when the next round starts a single team member needs to be allocated as the MONSTER ( Sorry guys EVOLVE does not allow a team of 4 MONSTERS)

Its best if you think of an EVOLVE team along the same lines as Hockey Team. A team is made up of players who are talented in the position they fill. Like a Hockey team there is a single Goalie; a player who represents your teams ultimate defensive barrier. This is your MONSTER player!

Can I have more than one player assume the MONSTER Role?

Certainly! The idea is that you make sure the MONSTER Player each round is competent and skilled at handling the Monster’s unique style of play and not just a player looking for a thrill ride to smash the competing team’s players. Remember, each MONSTER has a different play style suited for different types of players.
2K_EVOLVE_WRAITH_ABILITIESYou may want to set up a player roster for specific MONSTER types based on the match and or opposing team  ie. Have a aggressive player take the reigns of Goliath and another player entirely slotted to play Wraith for a more sneaky approach to the match. Your team captain is the coach and look to him to call the play .

I only play a certain Hunter class and my team mate wants to play it as well

Since EVOLVE supports a class based team line up it becomes tricky when players of a team all want to play the same class. I get it…we all want to be the star forward and get alL the glory. I mean who wants to be play as the defense players in a high stakes E-Sport?
Well in EVOLVE everyone plays a role in the road to victory. If there is one thing the BETA taught me is that a team of Gung Ho glory seekers will always fail against a smart MONSTER player. Take it upon yourself to become well versed in all classes regardless of your favourite character. Evolve-Assault-Trapper-Medic-Support-ClassesAs your team starts carving out a career you may find your play style preference changing and you may WANT to lace up those skates and play as a defensive player. Be flexible and mindful of your team mates desire to expand his/her skillset into different roles.

Make a Playbook

This one sounds silly but trust me its NOT! Playing EVOLVE in a team versus playing EVOLVE with a bunch of Randoms are two different experiences. Thankfully the BETA allowed us to form up private matches and create our own personal hunting party with friends but also gave us the option of random matchmaking. My time spent in public matchmaking was frustrating to say the least. I experienced little to no communication between players/team mates and what ensued was a mess of run and gunning and or chasing a MONSTER around the map with no sense of a plan or strategy. It always ended up with a loss and in most cases a sense of boredom as we chased a MONSTER around the map in circles.
While its not necessary to create a physical playbook to carry with you to each match , I highly recommend that you and your team develop some “go to strategies” for  various maps and scenarios. EVOLVE is no different than any other multiplayer shooter in the sense that your team needs to communicate with each other during the match and for strategies on the fly. Communication is the key because EVOLVE”s maps are huge and its nots as simple as just running around a common corridor lane or simply camping a spot hoping to pick off a random opponent who walks by your cozy campfire.

Experiment with the Hunters

Try different combos of Hunters each time you play and make sure you talk it through with your team mates. The game will launch with 3 sets of Characters ( thats 12 different playable characters spread over 4 classes) and each of them sport a different array of abilities and perks. Use your early days of matchmaking or competitive matches to establish a working knowledge of how all these variables interlock. Your Hunting team will eventually settle on some key characters base don the different playstyles of your team but allow that process to take shape naturally. Dont force yourself into a specific character without first trying the others.PRO-VI-EVOLVE-LEAGUE

EVOLVE is set to change the landscape of competitive play and introduce some fresh new ideas into the stagnant world of competitive gaming. I dont expect the game to be an unprecedented overnight success in this space but with a little love from the community and an open mind as to what defines a competitive video game experience, I think we just might have a bonafide E-Sport hit on our hands.

Dwayne”EVO Knight” Morash


Going Competitive with EVOLVE

At a glance , Turtle Rock’s new game Evolve looks like a mash up between Left 4 Dead and the 80’s movie ” Predator”. If you haven’t taken the time to learn about Evolve have a look at the video below.

In a nutshell the game revolves around four special operatives that  land on a dangerous planet and immediately set about hunting an alpha predator that is both trying to kill them and escape there grasp so it can fulfill a ultimate goal of its own.
What makes Evolve a innovative experience is that it is actually a Co-Op and head to head multiplayer game in one. Yup you heard it right….4V1 competitive.

Traditionally the Esports community have only ever embraced a specific type of game that resonates with balanced head to head play. This almost always boils down to a 1v1, 2v2,4v4 and so on; experience. Games that deviate from said formula tend to have a difficult time being balanced enough to consider it worthy of the title ” E-Sport”
Evolve looks to challenge that notion and has already started to find a home within the competitive community despite its very unorthodox design.
At its core there is very much a Competitive experience beating within its chest but the traditional concept of a team has a major wrinkle thrown into it…
What if someone on your team had to play a full game ALONE without the in game support of his/her team mates?
Playing as the Monster in Evolve means that the player will not have a stable of team mates to rely on and will have to live or die on his on skills as a rival team of 4 hunters chases him/her down.
There has already been a lot of internet chatter regarding how Evolve would play out in a true tournament format and while there have been some creative options the one that seems t o stand out time and time again is the “5 Man team” format.

An Evolve team would consist of 5 players all assigned a specific role within the team itself. Much akin to a professional sports team with players occupying positions on the bench but in this case the ” Bench” is filled with Trackers, Medics, assaulters and of course a giant Monster.
Teams would play a best of 3 format match alternating between Hunting/being hunted with the 5th player on the team  stepping in as the Monster slot when your team is being the hunted. The  Players /Player not participating in game would serve as moral support for the other(s). In case of a tie the third round would be played out as a tie breaker with the team with the fastest victory from the previous matches deciding to play the Hunters or the Monster for the final round.
The E-Sport community has always been very selective and sometimes downright opinionated on a particular games viability as a true E-Sport title but with a new generation of hardware upon us and a inevitable onslaught of new IP’s to go with them, I think its time that we start entertaining the idea of  new breeds of competitive games to be placed in front of us.
Evolve is simply the first of what is sure to be many this year ( Rainbow Six Patriots, Smite, Battleborn along with the traditional sequels to Halo, COD and Battlefield).

Evolve launches in North America on February 10th and the Public BETA launches on January 15th-19th. I encourage everyone to jump in and give it a shot; it could very well be the next EVOLUTION of  E-Sports.

Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash

The Team that wins together…Practices together!

Have you gotten into an XBOX Live match and seen a group of players all with the same CLAN tag and gone ” Oh man , we are in for a butt kicking now”? Its a funny thing to say ; I mean after all the only thing separating them from  you and your buddies is a 3 letter Clan tag in front of their name right?

Wrong. Those players probably ARE going to kick your ass but its not because of their tag; its because the have most likely taken the time to form a team and practice together. Yeah yeah I know it sounds silly; practicing to play a video game. Who takes the games that seriously that they would allocate time in their lives to have a practice session and try and get better at a particular game? Well you are reading this article so you are half way there my friend.

Lets start out with the “why’s” before we tackle the how.

E sports are just like any other sports in the world; If you want to get good at them you have to practice. Playing a lone wolf game can actually be pretty easy in comparison to team play. In order to gel as a team you need to play enough with your team to know the strengths and weaknesses of each player. To give you an example whenever I play in a team environment I make everyone aware that I am not a good sniper and also tell them what my strengths are < I prefer  to play as an assault role combing the level ground looking for prey>. This heads up lets my team play a role to support my tactics. On the flip side if you now that your team is sniper heavy you need to be able to tackle a different role yourself and ensure that you are balanced and diversified when it comes to game time.

Calling out “strats” as a team is also a fine art. Having played with a large amount of pick up teams I can tell you it is a nightmare when my team mates don’t understand my call outs or have no map knowledge. You may as well just hit the “forfeit” button in most cases.
In any competitive  Team environment you need to be able  to work together and not only understand your fellow players but also be able to inspire them  to do better. Friendly rivalries between team mates is a healthy thing and in most cases inspires everyone to do their best to improve.

No one can deny ” WHY” you need to practice but “HOW” do you set up a successful practice session with your fellow clan mates without it turning into a all out waste of time.

SCHEDULE IT. Make a point of setting aside an hour or two of dedicated private match play time. Get your team together in a party chat and talk about what you need work on as a tea. Specific maps and or game modes or maybe your trigger finger is rusty and you need some warm up free for alls. Whatever the plan is make sure you are on time and ready to practice. Hold everyone accountable and make sure they are equally ready to improve.

HAVE A GAME PLAN. If your practice session is going to have a time limit make sure you decide what you want to accomplish with it. Are you needing some practice with certain weapons? Maybe you need someone to help you with a certain game mode and how to play it effectively. Whichever it is focus on it and make sure your time is well spent.

THE POST GAME WRAP UP. At the conclusion of your practice session make sure you take some time to talk to your team mates and give them valuable feedback. A good sharing session may actually bring to light some info that you and your buddies didn’t know individually. I know that I’m always picking up tips from team mates after a round while we are waiting in a lobby for the next match; specifically about what worked and what didn’t in the last round.

Pretty soon you to will be rolling with a group of squad mates all flying your own clan tag in front of your name as a symbol of your dedication to Team play.

Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash

“Call outs” : Time to use that Mic for something other than Smack Talking…

If you have ever had the pleasure of watching a competitive event in person the first thing your bound to notice is that everyone is talking to each other. When I say that I dont mean the spectators ; I mean the players on each team.

Now wait! You are probally thinking why are they talking to each other with a headset…they are right beside each other?!

Imagine you are on a battlefield of the future with lasers and state of the art rocket launchers whizzing by your head and you are fighting with your squad who happen to be spread out all over the place fighting for their lives. Do you really think you are going to stand up and start screaming at your buddy to come help you or to tell him he is about to get shot by that guy with the aforementioned Rocket launcher? Nope; your going to tell him via that equally state of the art communication gear that strapped to your helmet and your also going to tell him exactly where that rocket launcher toting enemy is standing… in short; your gonna use a ” Call Out”.

Call Outs are a PRO gamers way of getting that edge over the other team who thinks shouting to a team mate is embarrasing. The act of talking is second nature to us gamers as evidence by the thousands of little boys and girls who feel the need to swear and insult each other everyday on XBOX live. In fact there are so many people talking on XBOX Live that Microsoft has included a MUTE feature to make our lives a lot more peaceful when playing our favourite multi player games.

There is more to Call Outs than simply shouting at your team mate to take cover or that you are reloading your gun….again. Call Outs require that you convey a short burst of tactical information in a concise but effective manner.In the heat of battle and with all the other noise being thrown at you and your team mates it is very important that you dont spam the airwaves with useless chatter and worse yet screaming and in some cases singing ( Dont get me started on how annoying singing team mates are!)

An effective Call Out should contain information that will assist your team in some manner either globally ( ” the other team has snipers) or specific to an individual ( ” Bob your about to get knifed! Turn Around!). In order to convey this information accurately you will need to take the time to learn map locations and identify easy way to commmunicat that information to someone QUICKLY.

Here is an example of a BAD call out.

” Delta I just got shot by a guy with some sort of a long ranged weapon..err maybe it was a rocket launcher but it could have been a sniper rifle not sure…he was hiding up on that tall building thing beside all those rocks but he was not on the building he was sorta in between the rocks and the building im not really sure bu I know he killed me because ..welll… because Im in a screen showing me where he is ..err or was at the moment…got that?”

Here is an example of that same call out by a PRO player

” Delta sniper on Rock Building ground level he’s on the move!”

The same amount of information was conveyed in a MUCH more concise manner. As the game progresses these short sound bites will eventually click and someone on your team will be in a position to take advantage of that Call Out. This information is more about creating an overall tactical awareness of whats happening in the match versus expecting someone to do something about it. All it takes is one good call out to tip off a fellow team mate who happens to be nearby and take action on it.

Take Battlefield 3 for example. When a team mate tells me that the enemy has a tank rolling in and I happen to be in the load out selection screen, do you think Im switching to my recon class? Hellz NO! Im taking a Engineer class and smacking that tank down with some RPG goodness!

Overall the team that talks is the team that is on their way  to win. Here are some key things to include in all your call outs.

  • Location of enemy ie. Color of terrain or terrain features. Some game developers place characteristics in thier game maps to facilitate easy call outs ( HALO is famous for this)
  • Quantity of enemy
  • General state of enemy ie. Camping, mobile, hidden etc.
  • Health of enemy . If you have shot the enemy telling your team mate that he is only ” one shot” away from death will help your partner engage the enemy with more info
  • Alone or with friends. Its always important to tell your team if a particular enemy is travelling solo or as a group. This saves a lone wold player from biting off more than he can chew.
So with that said its time to start using your MIC for more than cursing out your fellow team mates and trying to impress them with your best American Idle audition. Strap on the state of the art communication gear and show the other team that TALKING is winning!

Killer Instinct: Introduction and Mechanics Guide

Introduction: I want to give a big shout out to “Crazy Naplam88” on the official Killer Instinct forums (   for creating this masterful document. KI is am amazing return to form of the classic fighting game. The game is currently FREE on XBOX One and uses a Micro transaction model to buy character that you want to play. I encourage everyone to download it and give it a whirl. The guide below will help you on your journey to the top!

If you’re familiar with traditional Street Fighter controls, it will not be difficult to learn Killer Instinct’s controls. The control layout is identical to SF, with three punches and three kicks serving as the primary attack buttons. At E3, every Killer Instinct setup was accompanied by two Mad Catz Arcade FightStick TE2s. For the time being, let’s assume that will be the case at Evo as well.

While you can change the button configuration, this was the default button layout:



Basic Game Mechanics Part 1

To make the most of your short time with Killer Instinct at, you must understand the basic elements of the game system. In this section, you’ll learn how the round structure works, as well as the basic flow of combos. KI is a very combo-heavy fighting game. If you do not know how to properly execute combos, you’ll be at a severe disadvantage.

First life bar.


Second life bar.


If you’ve played a Killer Instinct game before, you know that it does not use rounds in the traditional sense. Instead, each character’s life bar is divided into two sections. The first section is green. When that is depleted, the game takes a short break and a red life bar appears, then the game resumes. When one character’s red life bar is depleted, the game is over.

It’s important to note that both players can move around during the short break between life bars. This allows you to potentially escape a bad corner situation or just back away from an opponent to get some breathing room.

Combo Flow:
Combos have a very specific flow in Killer Instinct. While the system is more open than it was in the previous games, it’s important to know how combos work in order to maximize damage and make it more difficult for an opponent to use a Combo Breaker. The general flow of a combo is as follows:

Opener > Auto-Double / Manual > Linker / Shadow Linker > Auto-Double / Manual > Ender

You can mix and match to be a little more creative with your combos, or use an Ender earlier in a combo to cut it short, but this is the basic structure of a Killer Instinct combo. If you ignore this, you will have a difficult time performing combos in the game.

The easiest way to extend a combo is by using an Auto-Double. After an Opener or Linker, an Auto-Double performs two consecutive hits. You can follow an Auto-Double with another Linker or an Ender, depending on how you wish to continue your combo.

In the original Killer Instinct, the general rule on Auto-Doubles was to use the immediately weaker button following an Opener or Linker (Heavy to Medium, Medium to Light, or Light to Heavy). For example, if you use Jago’s MK Wind Kick, you would follow with LP or LK as an Auto-Double. The new system is far more lenient, allowing any attack button to be used as an Auto-Double.JagoRender_zps7af79c80

While an Auto-Double is relatively easy to execute, it’s also fairly easy to break. An opponent has from the initial frame of the first hit in an Auto-Double until the final frame of the second hit to perform a Combo Breaker. At the highest level of play, it should not be difficult to break Auto-Doubles on-reaction.

A Manual is used in the same situation as an Auto-Double. However, instead of two hits, you only get one. In addition, the timing is stricter to execute a Manual compared to an Auto-Double. To execute a Manual, you must input the command at the end of the previous attack. The window to input the command is much smaller than that of an Auto-Double, and if you mistime the input, you’ll more than likely either drop the combo or get an Auto-Double instead of a Manual. In Street Fighter terms, think of an Auto-Double being as easy to execute as a Target Combo, while a Manual is similar to a 1-frame Link (although the timing is closer to a 3-4 frame link).

When you first start to play Killer Instinct, Auto-Doubles will probably be your main focus during combos. However, once you’ve grown accustomed to the combo system, you should focus more on Manuals. It is much harder to break a Manual compared to an Auto-Double, and Manuals are the best way to maximize damage without using a meter.

Linkers are another way to extend combos in Killer Instinct. You can use a special move or Shadow move as a Linker. For the most part, a Medium special move used in a combo serves as a Linker. In basic combos, Linkers bridge the gap between Manuals or Auto-Doubles, but as the KI combo system is fairly open, you can get creative with your use of Linkers, Manuals and Auto-Doubles.

Enders are essentially Heavy special moves used at the end of a combo. However, certain Enders have specific properties. For instance, Sabrewulf’s HP Ragged Edge causes a wall bounce that leaves an opponent stunned for a short time (in the corner only). Other Enders may cause a juggle state, additional meter gain or maximum damage.

Note: It is EXTREMELY important to complete every possible combo with an Ender to achieve maximum damage.

Basic Game Mechanics Part 2

Once you have the basics of the combo system down, you need to know how to use meter and how to best defend yourself. This section covers Combo Breakers, combo damage, Ultra Combos, the KV, Shadow and Instinct meters and throws. As an offensive game, Killer Instinct allows you to gain meter very quickly, so it’s important to know what options you have when it comes to using meter.

Combo Breakers:
The Combo Breaker has been a staple of the Killer Instinct series since its inception. To execute a Combo Breaker, in the middle of a combo press the punch and kick buttons equivalent in strength to the attack your opponent is using. For example, you would press MP + MK to break an opponent’s MP Auto-Double.

A successful Combo Breaker stops a combo and builds Instinct Meter. However, if you miss a Combo Breaker or use it on an attack that cannot be broken, an exclamation point appears by your character. This indicates that you cannot attempt another Combo Breaker for three seconds (180 frames), giving an opponent ample time to accumulate damage. A red X with an exclamation point means that you used the wrong strength Combo Breaker, while an orange X with an exclamation point indicates a mistimed Combo Breaker.

In the original KI, the highest level of play revolved around unbreakable combos. However, in the new KI, the plan is to make sure that everything can be broken in some way. As of the E3 build, Enders, Shadow Linkers and Ultra Combos could not be broken by conventional Combo Breakers. It is currently unknown how or if these attacks can be broken by other means.

Counter Breakers (Bluffs)
A Combo Breaker stops an opponent’s combo. A Counter Breaker stops an opponent’s Combo Breaker. If you anticipate an opponent is going to attempt a Combo Breaker, press MP+MK to stop your combo and execute a Bluff. When this happens, your character performs a unique Bluff animation. If the opponent attempts a Combo Breaker during this brief animation, you will automatically perform a Counter Breaker. This causes the opponent to be locked out for four seconds (240 frames), allowing you to inflict as much damage as possible before they can use another Combo Breaker.

In most cases using a Counter Breaker is a guess based on when you think an opponent will attempt a Combo Breaker. If you guess incorrectly, your character is left open to an attack for a short time. If you over use Bluffs, you’ll not only interrupt your combo and lose damage, you’ll also be very susceptible to an attack from the opponent. Be very careful when attempting a Bluff.

KV Meter and Combo Damage:
The KV meter appears after two hits.


It fills as you continue a combo.


Use a combo Ender before it maxes out.


During every combo in Killer Instinct, a white bar appears under the combo hit counter. This is called the Knockout Value or KV meter. With each additional hit in your combo, the bar increases until it turns red. This meter is a visual representation of your potential combo length and damage. If you do not use a proper Ender by the time the KV meter turns red, the opponent is knocked away, you lose all of the built-up potential damage and your total combo damage suffers greatly.

Auto-Doubles cache up to 50 percent of their damage during a combo. That damage is lost if you do not use a proper Ender. Manuals and certain attacks cause the KV meter to build slower compared to using Auto-Doubles (allowing for more attacks in a combo). Shadow attacks do not build any KV meter at all.

For example, a 10-hit combo with Jago that does not use a proper Ender may inflict 12 percent damage. However, an eight-hit combo with a proper Ender could easily inflict 20 percent damage or more. If you’re not getting much damage out of your combos, chances are you’re simply not using a proper Ender.

Shadow Meter:
Half a Shadow meter allows you to use a Shadow attack.


A full Shadow meter allows you to use two Shadow attacks.


The Shadow meter is the blue bar at the bottom of the screen. It’s cut into halves and provides access to Shadow versions of special moves. For Street Fighter players, think of Shadow attacks as EX special moves. They’re executed with two Punch or Kick buttons instead of one, and use 50 percent of your Shadow meter. The meter is used anytime you execute a Shadow attack, whether as a standalone attack or as a Shadow Linker during a combo.

Shadow Linkers inflict far more damage than a normal Linker and cannot be broken with a Combo Breaker. In addition, Shadow attacks generally have unique properties. For instance, Jago’s Shadow Wind Kick is projectile invincible (goes through fireballs).

The Shadow meter fills when inflicting damage on an opponent, or when an opponent blocks your attacks. Due to the heavy offensive focus of Killer Instinct, the Shadow meter fills up extremely fast when an opponent blocks. In the E3 build, four blocked fireballs gave Jago a FULL Shadow meter.

Shadow Breakers
A Shadow Breaker is essentially a Combo Breaker performed during a Shadow Linker. All Shadow Linkers consist of five hits. The speed of these hits varies with each Shadow Linker. In order to perform a Shadow Breaker, you must press MP+MK during any three of the five hits in a Shadow Linker. The timing can be tricky, but if you’re successful with the first attempt, the announcer yells, “One.” If you’re successful with the second attempt, the announcer yells, “Two.” If you connect with the third MP+MK attempt, the Shadow Linker will be broken.

575px-SaberwolfRender_zpsda885e42Keep in mind, the opponent can hear the announcer just as well as you can. This means that they can be ready to perform a Bluff once they hear “one” or “two” from the announcer. While the timing can be more difficult, if you can hit the first two breaker attempts during the first two hits of the Shadow Linker, you’ll have any of the last three hits in the Shadow Linker to connect the last breaker attempt. This can help prevent a Bluff or bait the offensive player into a Bluff when you have no intention of using a Shadow Breaker.

Shadow Counters
When your Shadow meter has at least one stock (half full), you can execute a Shadow Counter by pressing MP+MK. If an opponent attacks during the Shadow Counter animation, your character will automatically execute a Shadow attack that serves as a combo Opener (and cannot be broken). It’s important to note that the Shadow attack is not immediate. If the opponent is in the middle of a block string, their next attack will almost always interrupt the Shadow attack portion of a Shadow Counter. To avoid this, use a Shadow Counter just before the last hit of a block string. For example, if Jago uses his HP Laser Blade, it’s a two-hit attack. Block the first hit, then use a Shadow Counter just before you block the second hit.

Using a Shadow Counter effectively can be tricky. It’s relatively easy to use when blocking a Shadow attack, because you can block the first four hits, then execute a Shadow Counter. However, the timing for a Shadow Counter is fairly strict. You can’t just mash MP+MK and expect it to work every time. You have to time the Shadow Counter so that it executes just before the opponent’s next attack. You don’t have a large window to use a Shadow Counter, as it’s a very precise strategic tool.

Instinct Meter:
Your character portrait glows when your Instinct meter is full.


New to the Killer Instinct franchise is the Instinct meter. It appears near the top of the screen by the life bars, near your character’s portrait. The Instinct meter fills when you take damage or successfully execute a Combo Breaker. If you initially use Instinct shortly after the meter is full, you should be able to use it again by the time you are in Ultra Combo danger (below 15 percent health in your second life bar).

When full, the Instinct meter allows you to enter Instinct Mode. The attributes of Instinct Mode vary from character to character, but it has been loosely compared to X-Factor in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. For example, Jago’s Instinct Mode regains lost health and improves his frame data by +4 block stun and hit stun while Instinct is active, while Sabrewulf gets increased chip (block) damage and a general damage buff.

Instinct Mode can also be used mid-combo to reset the KV meter or even mid-Ultra to “style” on an opponent. After an Instinct Cancel, you can essentially start a brand new combo while the opponent is helpless. Keep in mind, this also gives an opponent more chances to use a Combo Breaker.

Ultra Combos:
When an opponent is down to 15 percent health or below, on their second life bar (the red life bar), it is possible to perform an Ultra Combo. Each character has a unique Ultra Combo input that is generally a special move with all three attack buttons (LK + MK + HK or LP + MP + HP). You can execute an Ultra Combo as soon as the combo counter reads at least two hits. As soon as an Ultra Combo is initiated, it depletes the opponent’s remaining health and the game is essentially over.

Note: Ultra Combos can be Instinct canceled for a longer Ultra, and even continued into a 2nd Ultra by pressing HK+HP

Note: Ultra Combos can also be instantly cancelled at any with an Ultra Ender anytime by pressing MP+MK

Throws in Killer Instinct are very similar to throws in Street Fighter. They are executed by pressing LP + LK. In addition, throws have a large amount of invincibility frames and go through almost any other attack. However, they have very limited range. Jago has the ability to cancel his throw animation into a Shadow attack.

Back Throws are performed the same way, but while pressing or holding back as you’re throwing, some characters can combo off of back throws.

Air Throws are also performed by pressing LP+LK in the air, opponent also has to be in the air.


Written by DrDogg for PrimaGames found here:…r-instinct-mini-eguide-evo-edition-introducti


Battlefield 4 Domination mode: Conquest on a diet


Change is always a scary thing; especially when you are talking about a game franchise that you have sunk untold hours of enjoyment into. Gamers inn particular are more passionate than any other community I have ever been a part of. We don’t like change but at the same time we criticize game franchises that don’t innovate.

The Battlefield franchise is perhaps one of the best examples of a passionate fan base that demand the care and attention of a new born baby. With each version of the game that has been released the developers [ Dice] have had to straddle a fine line between re invigorating their game  at the danger of alienating their fan base or leaving the game alone and simply updating the game engine to bring it a new level of presentation.

Luckily for us they have managed to walk the line without falling to one side or the other.

The backbone of Battlefield has always been its massive large scale matches involving up to 64 players working to control a map until the enemies reserves are depleted. This game mode is called Conquest and it exists as the defining match type for anyone who wants to see why Battlefield sits a part from other shooters of its kind.

Conquest has a full war machine at your disposal including Jets, tanks an everything in between! These matches can last up to an hour and truly do feel like a massive full scale war with big stakes on the line ( I know I hate playing for an hour only to loose) but what if you want a conquest style experience in a smaller wrapper?

Welcome to Domination!

Domination is a tight and thrill a minute game mode that makes its introduction in Battlefield 4. Its ” Conquest light” if you will.

Two teams are assembled and tasked with occupying 3 points on the battlefield. The more points that are occupied by a single team causes the opposing team to loose re-spawn tickets faster and faster until they run out and the game ends. The team with re-spawn tickets left wins.NOTE: capturing zones in Domination is a much quicker affair than in Conquest. All it takes is approx 5-8 seconds and you are in the Blue!

What makes Domination so intense is that the flag zones are so close together. DICE has taken existing maps and sectioned off specific areas to function as Domination maps. While you may be able to see the far away beaches on Hainan Resort you cannot go there. Your fight is the hotel itself and your three points are clustered within  ( C flag is in the front parking lot)., and what a fight it is.

Seige of Shanghai just got a lot more intimate!
Siege of Shanghai just got a lot more intimate!

In Domination you will not have the luxury of driving or flying to your flag zones; and because all the capture points are within a short running distance from each other you wont miss the extra help. Vehicles have been left in the motor-pool in Domination and this is strictly a infantry affair. Lock and Load cause your gun and you are the only tools of destruction you’ll get in this game mode!

Thanks to BF4’s upgraded frostbite engine and more dynamic destructibility; the hotel battleground comes alive like nothing before it. Wood is splintered  like kindling while glass and concrete are  blown away at the hands of grenades and rocket launchers. Michael Bay would be proud!

You wont be getting any rest in this Resort
You wont be getting any rest in this Resort

The key to  this game mode is maximizing your time alive. It inevitable that you will be re spawned but what you do with your spawn tickets is crucial. The temptation is to simply run and gun it to service your K/D ratio but I can tell you first hand that in the end you may end up a hero but your team will not be throwing you a party afterwards.

Capturing flag zones is the quickest and most effective way to glory and victory. One game I played I was feeling pretty good about myself and had a very healthy Kill/Death ratio only to see my name at the bottom of the scorecard. I couldn’t kill enough enemies to drain there tickets because they controlled the map and we where bleeding out troops quicker than we could kill the other teams!

Because of the intensity of this game mode its easy to get caught up in the thrill of simply running and gunning but if you take a breath and make a plan ( preferably with some squad mates) then you will find that you get better results.

Things to remember

  1. Even though its a smaller game mode you still owe a responsibility to the betterment of your squad. Stay Alive and spawn responsibly
  2. Play objective. Its easy  to get caught up in the ” Run N Gun” mentality and with al the chaos around you Kills become your focus. Take  STEP back and plan a strategy.
  3. Be mindful of enemy spawn locations. Spawns flip flop as the game goes and enemies are spawning on their team mates. Watch your corners and put your back to a wall ( Preferably one that wont get destroyed by a rocket launcher!)
  4. Don’t Rush off. Capture and hold…trust another squad to do the same and before you know it you’ll own all the flags!
  5. Don’t get  flustered. its always possible to come back from certain defeat with some team work and map control!

If you haven’t clicked on a domination match in the menu because your not sure what its all about I highly recommend it; just make sure you bring your “big boy” Game; because its not for the faint of heart.

Going Competitive in Next Gen

Well it’s finally here. 2014 has finally ushered in the arrival of Next Gen consoles and with it a bevy of new potential competitive games to takes its place in the halls of the greats in the Competitive gaming sub culture.

Counterstrike, Quake, Unreal Tournament,Tribes, Battlefield, Call of Duty, HALO…theses are but a few of the games that gamer’s have flocked to over the years in an attempt  to prove that they are the best.

E-Sports has become such a huge phenomenon within the hobby over the past decade and as we roll into a new generation of consoles the question looms in the minds of these online warriors; ” What game will take the crown this generation?”

Now while I acknowledge that there are a wide variety of competitive titles  across the gaming landscape these days and there is no denying the staying power of League of Legends and even games in other genres, for this article I will be solely focusing on the ” Shooter” market.

Have a look at some of the titles we are looking forward to this year and beyond to satisfy our inner competitor.

COD gHOSTS MOVIE PAGECall of Duty: Activision has thrown in early in the Next Gen game and Ghosts represents the first next-gen entry in the franchise. The game itself is all Previous Gen however and feels ” thrown together” for the sake of a hardware launch window.Its a rehash off older games but satisfies the craving of that COD addiction the planet has!

bf4-enjinBattlefield : EA not to be outdone has also gotten in early with its 4th numerical release and while suffering some rocky starts in the Next Gen, the brand shows signs of continuing well into the future. EA has not made the game E Sport friendly and at launch we are lacking private servers/private matches as well as any tools to host tournaments on console. The game plays amazing but Dice and EA need to fix it quick  in order for it to be considered viable for Tournament play.The problem with past battlefield titles on console has always been the inability to create a private lobby which is something that is required to run competitive events. While the gameplay is rock solid and the game has its skates laced up we can only hop that it can hit the ice before the next wave of shooters descend upon it.


Titan Fall: Respawn Entertainment is banking big on its first ever title as a studio. Formed from the ashes of the original Infinity Ward this team has created a true next-gen FPS in Titan Fall. With game play that borrows from their learning’s with COD and a little bit Battlefield and a little bit Mechwarrior you have a true recipe for success in a market that is flooded with Modern Military shooters. Titan Fall is poised to take the competitive landscape by storm in March and will pull gamer’s into next-gen competitive gaming!

2309259-destiny_xoneDestiny: The studio that brought us HALO is now ready to break out of their shell and show us what creative freedom and a lot of resources can accomplish. Destiny is one part RPG, one part shooter and a whole lot of Star Wars and Borderlands thrown in for good measure. Although not built as a competitive title as its foremost reason to play Bungie has told us that there will be traditional competitive multi player modes in the game. How this gets balanced with the MMO style character building and weapon /loot grinding remains to be seen. If there past pedigree is any indication , gamer’s should be in for a treat this year when the game launches!

Rainbow-Six-Patriots-WallpaperRainbow Six: Patriots

Not much is known about this game other than a concept video and the promise of a Next Gen Rainbow six title. While foreign to a large part of this generations younger gamers Rainbow once held the shooter crown before Call of Duty ripped it out of its hands. Mixing direct confrontation shooting action with subterfuge and tactics, Rainbow could come back like a glorious Phoenix to the competitive gaming community. The question is however …will the community embrace its unique blend of game play over the now standard ADD inducing ” CODified” shooters.

While these are just a handful of titles that could potential make its way into the E-Sport circle this year  there are sure to more entries as the years come. Many titles enjoy a yearly refresh so we can expect to see ” numerical entries” to follow after the initial launch of some of the new IP’s.

The next wave of games will inevitably bring a new breed of player with it and as the internet explodes with gaming montages and YouTubers don’t dismiss the power of community and especially the community that believes and supports the growing culture of Competitive gaming.

Where does PRO fit into all of this?

Our commitment to ourselves and the community we are growing is to support the  games that you want to play. No title will be dismissed simply because it isn’t the best-selling game in  the market.

We are strapping in for a wild ride and I encourage you to come with us!

Dwayne”EVO Knight” Morash