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Halo: 30 to 60 fps in 14 years

If you haven’t played a first person shooter in 60fps then please stop reading and go do so now. There are lots of games to choose from and everyone has an opinion ( my preference lies with either BF4 or Titanfall on Next Gen hardware) but the one thing everyone will agree on is that when it comes to a FPS ; framerate is KING!

The one game that is interestingly NOT on the list of 60 fps games is Halo. Since the game debuted back in 2001 not a single entry in this longstanding franchise has enjoyed the benefits of silky smooth framerate that the benchmark delivers.

There are numerous reasons to be had for this and Halo fans everywhere will attest that it hasn’t diminished the appeal nor the gameplay of its masterful formula.  To be fair though I can tell you that after playing a smattering of FPS games clocking in at the fabled 60fps and then going back and playing a game of Halo 4 at 30fps ( Heck even playing Destiny on Next Gen results in the same feeling) feels akin to wading through molasses or caught in a old school slide show ( Okay Im exaggerating but you get the idea). Its a jarring experience and actually does impact your gameplay and by default your score suffers. It takes awhile to adjust but its noticeable and severe especially if you have been clocking a lot of hours with aforementioned games with 60fps.

So what happens when you take a beloved franchise like Halo and shove it into the world of 60fps?

Have your cake and eat it too…all in glorious 1080p 60fps

The newly released Master Chief Collection does just that and not only the newest entry in the franchise but it goes all the way back to 2000’s Halo:CE as well. Yup thats right, you can now play a 14 year old game in 1080P and 60fps!

My playtest was mostly centered on Halo 4 as it was the title that I had most recently played in its old incarnation on Xbox 360. Having watched several videos of gameplay at the new clock speed I was somewhat prepared for what I was about to experience .
I want to get this out of the way. Halo 4 running at 1080P and 60fps feels like a Next Gen game!

Design choices and overall arguments about the entries adherence to the Halo formula aside ; the game rocks!
Movement and moment to moment gun battles flowed and felt awesome. That feeling of sluggishness quickly faded and I kept asking myself ” Why did it take 15 years to experience Halo this way??!!”

Halo 5 is the new hotness. Get ready for it!

The ironic part of this story is that I have a friend who experienced the opposite effect of my experience inn that he was completely thrown off by the increase in framerate and felt that it was ” unnatural”. The best way to explain this I suppose is with whats happening in cinema today. Movies are being filmed in higher framerates ( The new Hobbit movie comes to mind) and Television sets are now ” upscaling” framerates for existing content that we have all watched in the past. Having watched a section of the new Captain America; Winter Soldier on a 4K TV with the movie’s frame rate upscaled as mentioned above; well lets just say it looked like I was watching a news real or a Live broadcast not a cinematic feeling motion picture.

Whether your eyes and cerebellum can adjust to the new hotness that is 60fps only you can find out. I for one love the new sexy of Halo running on Nitrus and if you cant adjust to a older game amped up…..well you better get ready by the time the next entry in the Halo Franchise arrives because it looks like all Halo’s are hitting the NOS moving forward!

Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash


Tomb Raider: Multi Player the PRO way

Tomb Raider launched back in 2013 and vanished just as quickly from the market. It enjoyed a few months in the spotlight and Lara’s return was heralded with good reviews and critical praise. The game also shipped with a multi player component that to this day goes largely un played. What follows is a intro guide to that feature of the game written by  Sir Swag G. McBaller of Yoloton ; a committed member of the Tomb Raider community. I encourage all of you reading  to take some time and play this game and jump into Tomb Raider Multi player…if nothing else to experience something other than a competitive game that doesn’t involve ” Quickscoping” and “Killstreaks” -Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash

Are you tired of jumping into a game only to be gunned down by high leveled players? If you’re new then here’s some quick tips.

steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_225236198_preview (9)
Time to bring ol painless outta the bag!
steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_225236198_preview (7)
Katniss aint got nuthin on Lara

Weapons As Survivors, abuse the “Frag Grenade (level 1)” for easy kills. It’s the noob tube of Tomb Raider. It has long distance, a large splash zone, and almost always kills in one hit unless they have “Grenadier (level 12)” Survival Skill. Know where the Salvage Crates on the map are because you only start with 1 ammo. The Salvage Crates respawn quickly, too. As Solarii, always have the Magnum Pistol (level 20) as your sidearm.   It’s very accurate, quick, powerful, and reloads fast. Many players even use it as their main weapon. Place “Fake Ammo Boxes (level 11, Solarii)” and “Land Mines (level 15, Survivor)” in spots where players will often travel through to maximize kill counts. For example, exit points from their base. Or use them to cover your back in case someone sneaks up behind you. In every map, there are two super weapons: the Minigun and the Competition Bow. If you find them, use them! They’re the best weapons. They have absolutely no downsides. They don’t even take up your primary weapon slot as they have their own 4th slot. A few points on them: Only either one can exist on the map. So your map will either have the Minigun or the Competiton Bow, but not both. But which one is random. There are three (3) spawn points on the map. These spawn points are permanent. They disappear after 30 seconds being on the ground. After disappearing, they will respawn after 60 seconds in one of the three (3) locations randomly. The Competition Bow is a one hit kill at full charge, but it charges very quickly and can be held infinitely. The Minigun is extremely powerful. It’s surprisingly accurate, can kill in two hits, and shoots almost instantly. You’ll never run out of ammo because you’re far more likely to die before that. You can shoot 100 rounds continuously before it gets overheated, but it’ll cool down quickly.

Skills The “Bulletproof (level 14)” Survival Skill is good because of most of your deaths will come from bullets. Against headshots, it’s nearly useless, but it can make the difference when retreating from gunfire or that firefight. If you’re Solarii, use the “Grenadier (level 12)” Survival Skill against the Survivors. Survivor teams will mostly likely abuse the Frag Grenade, and it’ll help you survive splash damage. Even a direct shot at full health. steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_225236198_preview (10)steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_225236198_preview (13)Be warned, it WILL cause you to fall and stagger so they can easily just shoot you to death if they see you surviving the explosion. Bulletproof and Grenadier are my most used perks. The “Second Wind (level 27)” Offensive Skill is excellent to traveling across the map faster. Default sprinting doesn’t last that long and can be frustrating to run out when you need it. Getting where you need be is important. I use this on all my loudouts. If you like shooting arrows, use “Pincushion (level 6)” because it’ll defend against other archers. You can survive a charged shot from full health, otherwise, you’d die.

Movement Jump a lot to make yourself a harder target. Be careful, you’re completely vulnerable until you land on the ground again, but you can steer your character in the air. Like jumping, rolling can make you a harder target, too. Use it to dodge shots. But be careful.

Hop Like a bunny !
Hop Like a bunny !

You do NOT have an invincibility frames during the rolling animation, and there is some delay after rolling. I suggest usually rolling sideways to dodge shots. Don’t bother ascending the ropes. You’ll be shot easily. It’s better to travel down on them, but you’ll still be an easy target.

steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_225236198_preview (20)
Stealth kills FTW

Melee If you’re opponent is very close, consider using your Melee. It can kill in two or even one hit. However, it is somewhat slow, but has fairly wide range. If you hold your Melee, you can go into a running charge. If you collide with anyone, you’ll do an INSTANT kill. But you’ll need some starting distance for it to work. You can’t do it right next to someone. Some important tips on charging Melee: You can CANCEL your charging animation by jumping. If you simply let go, you will just swipe your pickaxe which has a laggy animation so it’s always better to just jump-cancel it. You can combine charging Melee with the Second Wind skill to increase the charging length. If you are successful, there are NO invincibility frames so you can be killed during the animation. If you sneak up behind your opponent without notice, you can do an instant Melee kill. But I suggest still doing a charging Melee even from behind because it’s more reliable.

steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_225236198_preview (21)
sorry peeps…gotta be level 60 before you can unlock the Lara multi player character

Character Selection Consider choosing characters that are more brown and darker for camouflage. For example, Lara (level 60) and Smoker (level 20). A character with brighter clothing will be easier to spot and shoot. For example, Steph (level 24) and Pilot (level 48). Environmental Hazards Consider destroying the red, explosive barrels yourself so you don’t have to worry about them being used against you. They have large splash zones and can kill easily if you’re not being mindful. Always set the rope Snare Trap. It’s hard to see, and it’s extremely frustrating against opponents. They’ll lead to a very easy kill because of their enormous delay. Also, it can’t be undone once set. Situational Awareness Listen for sounds. The characters talk a lot and can give away their positions. For example, you can ALWAYS know the Suvivor team is nearby if you hear a feminine voice. Only the Survivor team has female members. The Solarii are all males. Listen for the gruffness in their voices if you’re Survivor. Examples of when characters make noise are: Jumping Reloading Out of ammo Breaking open a Salvage Crate Look out for the death icons of your teammates. This will tell you where your opponents might be. Other If your playing Rescue Mode and need to Revive a downed teammate, it is your SPRINT/DODGE key. I repeat, it’s the SPRINT/DODGE key. I’ve seen countless new players get killed and lose for their team because of this. The game doesn’t tell you except for a very obscure hint in the loading screen. It’s easy to think that it’s the ACTION key, but it isn’t. “Quick Match” isn’t always the best choice if you’re looking to really play.steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_225236198_preview (34) The most common played mode is Team Death match. The other modes are more rare to find full games. No one plays Ranked matches. Always Casual matches.

I hope you enjoyed this overview of an often overlooked aspect of the new Tomb Raider game! Now get out there and SURVIVE the Island!!!

Sir Swag G. McBaller of Yoloton

PGV presents Thief Livestream Tuesday Feb 25th 11am PST.


Join “PgV-DruiK” on Tuesday February 25th as he sneaks his way through THIEF on Playstation 4 via Livestream. Druik AKA “Spitfire” will be kicking off his adventure at 11:00am PST and streaming the EPIC adventure on TWITCH TV.

PgV-Druik is the co-founder of PRO and head of Pro Gaming Victoria. He is at the forefront of Competitive gaming and once in awhile likes to take a break from shooting players on the virtual battleground to dabble in some other genre’s

Click to watch stream

Head on over to TWITCH TV and add “PgV_DruiK” , bring some popcorn and a cozy blanket because he isn’t logging off until he passes out!

Operation Raccoon City Tournament Game play part 2

Here is the follow up gameplay from Friday’s Tournament! All game-play footage is courtesy of Team Fox Hound and obviously is taken from their matches in the event.


Round 2 Match1 Fox Hound versus Caution

Round 2 Match 2 FoxHound Vs Caution

Round 2 Match 3 FoxHound Vs Caution

Round 3 Match 1 FoxHound Vs Sour Patch

Round 3 Match 2 FoxHound Vs Sour Patch

Round 3 Match 3 FoxHound Vs Sour Patch