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Making an E-Sport Team in EVOLVE

Evolve is only 11 days from going live in the wild. After a successful ALPHA and BETA, developer Turtle Rock is ready to unleash it into the hands of gamers around the world and if the feedback they have received so far is any indication; it looks like we will have a truly fun and unique new IP for Next Gen Consoles!

EVOLVE is an important game for a couple reasons. The fact that its a NEW IP is a huge draw and exactly what this new generation of console players  need. In order to move this industry forward it needs new blood and EVOLVE is ready to deliver that!
Secondly EVOLVE is the first new game this year to throw its hat into the ever so finicky realm of competitive gaming.While not being heavy handed about this aspect of the gameplay, studio Turtle Rock has been quoted as saying that the game has a very competitive component to it and this is not something they have turned a blind eye to. In fact most of the games early footage showed it accompanied by a “Shoutcaster“. The game has been showcased to the public in several events wrapped around a tournament format. So many elements of the game screams competitive play but on the surface the 4V1 nature causes a lot of the E-Sport purists out there to hesitate.

In this article I am going top give some tips on how to create you E-Sport Team for EVOLVE and some tips to go with it. In my follow  up article I will be sowing everyone the default Rule Set that PRO will be using for organized competitive play once the game goes LIVE.

How do I build a team with a Monster?!?!

Traditional team based multiplayer games revolve around symmetrical amounts of players typically 4v4 or higher. EVOLVE presents a unique format in that a team needs to be comprised of a 4 man team of Hunters and then when the next round starts a single team member needs to be allocated as the MONSTER ( Sorry guys EVOLVE does not allow a team of 4 MONSTERS)

Its best if you think of an EVOLVE team along the same lines as Hockey Team. A team is made up of players who are talented in the position they fill. Like a Hockey team there is a single Goalie; a player who represents your teams ultimate defensive barrier. This is your MONSTER player!

Can I have more than one player assume the MONSTER Role?

Certainly! The idea is that you make sure the MONSTER Player each round is competent and skilled at handling the Monster’s unique style of play and not just a player looking for a thrill ride to smash the competing team’s players. Remember, each MONSTER has a different play style suited for different types of players.
2K_EVOLVE_WRAITH_ABILITIESYou may want to set up a player roster for specific MONSTER types based on the match and or opposing team  ie. Have a aggressive player take the reigns of Goliath and another player entirely slotted to play Wraith for a more sneaky approach to the match. Your team captain is the coach and look to him to call the play .

I only play a certain Hunter class and my team mate wants to play it as well

Since EVOLVE supports a class based team line up it becomes tricky when players of a team all want to play the same class. I get it…we all want to be the star forward and get alL the glory. I mean who wants to be play as the defense players in a high stakes E-Sport?
Well in EVOLVE everyone plays a role in the road to victory. If there is one thing the BETA taught me is that a team of Gung Ho glory seekers will always fail against a smart MONSTER player. Take it upon yourself to become well versed in all classes regardless of your favourite character. Evolve-Assault-Trapper-Medic-Support-ClassesAs your team starts carving out a career you may find your play style preference changing and you may WANT to lace up those skates and play as a defensive player. Be flexible and mindful of your team mates desire to expand his/her skillset into different roles.

Make a Playbook

This one sounds silly but trust me its NOT! Playing EVOLVE in a team versus playing EVOLVE with a bunch of Randoms are two different experiences. Thankfully the BETA allowed us to form up private matches and create our own personal hunting party with friends but also gave us the option of random matchmaking. My time spent in public matchmaking was frustrating to say the least. I experienced little to no communication between players/team mates and what ensued was a mess of run and gunning and or chasing a MONSTER around the map with no sense of a plan or strategy. It always ended up with a loss and in most cases a sense of boredom as we chased a MONSTER around the map in circles.
While its not necessary to create a physical playbook to carry with you to each match , I highly recommend that you and your team develop some “go to strategies” for  various maps and scenarios. EVOLVE is no different than any other multiplayer shooter in the sense that your team needs to communicate with each other during the match and for strategies on the fly. Communication is the key because EVOLVE”s maps are huge and its nots as simple as just running around a common corridor lane or simply camping a spot hoping to pick off a random opponent who walks by your cozy campfire.

Experiment with the Hunters

Try different combos of Hunters each time you play and make sure you talk it through with your team mates. The game will launch with 3 sets of Characters ( thats 12 different playable characters spread over 4 classes) and each of them sport a different array of abilities and perks. Use your early days of matchmaking or competitive matches to establish a working knowledge of how all these variables interlock. Your Hunting team will eventually settle on some key characters base don the different playstyles of your team but allow that process to take shape naturally. Dont force yourself into a specific character without first trying the others.PRO-VI-EVOLVE-LEAGUE

EVOLVE is set to change the landscape of competitive play and introduce some fresh new ideas into the stagnant world of competitive gaming. I dont expect the game to be an unprecedented overnight success in this space but with a little love from the community and an open mind as to what defines a competitive video game experience, I think we just might have a bonafide E-Sport hit on our hands.

Dwayne”EVO Knight” Morash


Halo: 30 to 60 fps in 14 years

If you haven’t played a first person shooter in 60fps then please stop reading and go do so now. There are lots of games to choose from and everyone has an opinion ( my preference lies with either BF4 or Titanfall on Next Gen hardware) but the one thing everyone will agree on is that when it comes to a FPS ; framerate is KING!

The one game that is interestingly NOT on the list of 60 fps games is Halo. Since the game debuted back in 2001 not a single entry in this longstanding franchise has enjoyed the benefits of silky smooth framerate that the benchmark delivers.

There are numerous reasons to be had for this and Halo fans everywhere will attest that it hasn’t diminished the appeal nor the gameplay of its masterful formula.  To be fair though I can tell you that after playing a smattering of FPS games clocking in at the fabled 60fps and then going back and playing a game of Halo 4 at 30fps ( Heck even playing Destiny on Next Gen results in the same feeling) feels akin to wading through molasses or caught in a old school slide show ( Okay Im exaggerating but you get the idea). Its a jarring experience and actually does impact your gameplay and by default your score suffers. It takes awhile to adjust but its noticeable and severe especially if you have been clocking a lot of hours with aforementioned games with 60fps.

So what happens when you take a beloved franchise like Halo and shove it into the world of 60fps?

Have your cake and eat it too…all in glorious 1080p 60fps

The newly released Master Chief Collection does just that and not only the newest entry in the franchise but it goes all the way back to 2000’s Halo:CE as well. Yup thats right, you can now play a 14 year old game in 1080P and 60fps!

My playtest was mostly centered on Halo 4 as it was the title that I had most recently played in its old incarnation on Xbox 360. Having watched several videos of gameplay at the new clock speed I was somewhat prepared for what I was about to experience .
I want to get this out of the way. Halo 4 running at 1080P and 60fps feels like a Next Gen game!

Design choices and overall arguments about the entries adherence to the Halo formula aside ; the game rocks!
Movement and moment to moment gun battles flowed and felt awesome. That feeling of sluggishness quickly faded and I kept asking myself ” Why did it take 15 years to experience Halo this way??!!”

Halo 5 is the new hotness. Get ready for it!

The ironic part of this story is that I have a friend who experienced the opposite effect of my experience inn that he was completely thrown off by the increase in framerate and felt that it was ” unnatural”. The best way to explain this I suppose is with whats happening in cinema today. Movies are being filmed in higher framerates ( The new Hobbit movie comes to mind) and Television sets are now ” upscaling” framerates for existing content that we have all watched in the past. Having watched a section of the new Captain America; Winter Soldier on a 4K TV with the movie’s frame rate upscaled as mentioned above; well lets just say it looked like I was watching a news real or a Live broadcast not a cinematic feeling motion picture.

Whether your eyes and cerebellum can adjust to the new hotness that is 60fps only you can find out. I for one love the new sexy of Halo running on Nitrus and if you cant adjust to a older game amped up…..well you better get ready by the time the next entry in the Halo Franchise arrives because it looks like all Halo’s are hitting the NOS moving forward!

Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash

Gottacon 2015 Halo 2 Anniversary Tournament

In February of this year PRO and Gottacon will be partnering to bring Victoria BC the first ever Halo 2 Anniversary Tournament Sponsored by none other than Astro Gaming ! The Tournament line up will consist of two events ( FFA and a 4v4 Team Based Tournament) that will be spread over the weekend of February 27th-March 1st.

The full details of the Gottacon Convention and how to participate in the Tournaments are available HERE

Day: Friday
Time: 7:00pm
Format: Slayer (Xbox One Halo 2 Anniversary)
Price: Free with BYOC CONSOLE LAN Full Weekend Pass
Location: Console BYOC LAN

Join us for an intense night of Halo as up to 40 players face off in a free for all tournament. In Round one Players will be placed in one of two groups. Groups will play three games of Slayer in Halo 2 from the Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Each player will have their 3 total scores combined into a final score. The top half of each group move on to the next round.

Round two will see all remaining players put into one group and those players will compete in another round of three games of Slayer in Halo 2 from the Halo: The Master Chief Collection. The top half of the of this round move on to the finals.

In round three, the finals, the remaining players will face off in a final round of games in Halo 2. The top 3 players will prize.

Halo SLAYER (FFA) (Xbox One) $450 Total + $250 Cash

1st Place:
1x A40 (Xbox One) and $100

2nd Place:
1x Scout bag and $100

3rd Place:
1x Scout bag +$50

Day: Saturday
Time: 10:00am
Format: Multiple (Xbox One Halo 2 Anniversary)
Price: Free with BYOC CONSOLE LAN Full Weekend Pass
Location: Console BYOC LAN

Saturday will feature our 4v4 multi game mode team tournament in Halo 2 from the Halo: The Master Chief Collection. In group stage teams will be placed in one of two groups. Groups will play a round robin style round to determine seeding for the single elimination bracket. Each match will have teams facing off in a best of one slayer format.

Bracket stage will be Single elimination. Each Stage of the bracket will be a best of 3 and feature a new game mode. The first round will be Slayer. Game modes for the remaining rounds is yet to be determined.

HALO 4v4 (Xbox One) Prizing $1800 Total + $600 cash

1st Place:
4x A40 (Xbox One)

2nd Place:
4x Scout Bag

3rd Place:
4x Scout bag


Gottacon Conventions:
Astro Gaming:


Going Competitive with EVOLVE

At a glance , Turtle Rock’s new game Evolve looks like a mash up between Left 4 Dead and the 80’s movie ” Predator”. If you haven’t taken the time to learn about Evolve have a look at the video below.

In a nutshell the game revolves around four special operatives that  land on a dangerous planet and immediately set about hunting an alpha predator that is both trying to kill them and escape there grasp so it can fulfill a ultimate goal of its own.
What makes Evolve a innovative experience is that it is actually a Co-Op and head to head multiplayer game in one. Yup you heard it right….4V1 competitive.

Traditionally the Esports community have only ever embraced a specific type of game that resonates with balanced head to head play. This almost always boils down to a 1v1, 2v2,4v4 and so on; experience. Games that deviate from said formula tend to have a difficult time being balanced enough to consider it worthy of the title ” E-Sport”
Evolve looks to challenge that notion and has already started to find a home within the competitive community despite its very unorthodox design.
At its core there is very much a Competitive experience beating within its chest but the traditional concept of a team has a major wrinkle thrown into it…
What if someone on your team had to play a full game ALONE without the in game support of his/her team mates?
Playing as the Monster in Evolve means that the player will not have a stable of team mates to rely on and will have to live or die on his on skills as a rival team of 4 hunters chases him/her down.
There has already been a lot of internet chatter regarding how Evolve would play out in a true tournament format and while there have been some creative options the one that seems t o stand out time and time again is the “5 Man team” format.

An Evolve team would consist of 5 players all assigned a specific role within the team itself. Much akin to a professional sports team with players occupying positions on the bench but in this case the ” Bench” is filled with Trackers, Medics, assaulters and of course a giant Monster.
Teams would play a best of 3 format match alternating between Hunting/being hunted with the 5th player on the team  stepping in as the Monster slot when your team is being the hunted. The  Players /Player not participating in game would serve as moral support for the other(s). In case of a tie the third round would be played out as a tie breaker with the team with the fastest victory from the previous matches deciding to play the Hunters or the Monster for the final round.
The E-Sport community has always been very selective and sometimes downright opinionated on a particular games viability as a true E-Sport title but with a new generation of hardware upon us and a inevitable onslaught of new IP’s to go with them, I think its time that we start entertaining the idea of  new breeds of competitive games to be placed in front of us.
Evolve is simply the first of what is sure to be many this year ( Rainbow Six Patriots, Smite, Battleborn along with the traditional sequels to Halo, COD and Battlefield).

Evolve launches in North America on February 10th and the Public BETA launches on January 15th-19th. I encourage everyone to jump in and give it a shot; it could very well be the next EVOLUTION of  E-Sports.

Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash

Oh HALO…how art thou?

I remember a time when you could not talk to anyone who owned an XBOX ( original) without the conversation steering towards HALO and how awesome that game was.

HALO was the first  FPS that actually made people stop and pay attention to these ugly boxes that us console players hooked up  to our TV’s and ushered in a new era for shooters on a console.

For many years HALO was the bar for any aspiring franchises when it came to FPS games and story as well as finely tuned multi player. Now we all know that newer games eventually come out and with a new generation of console ( XBOX360 , PS3) comes with it new contenders for the throne of FPS king.  As it sits now HALO is now a niche game that cultivates a loyal fan base but is not the mass market ” go to shooter’ as it once was. Sadly that title resides in the deep pockets of Activision and their Call of Duty Franchise while HALO struggles to prove itself like a contestant on Survivor.

And so is the story of HALO.

The real sadness of this however is that the once united legion of HALO fans themselves have turned against the franchise and have taken it upon themselves to judge the series and hand down heavy-handed criticism of the current state of the game.

HALO belongs to the fans now …and the fans don’t like the game!

sadly HALO REACH …..” A face only a mother could love”

Since its introduction back in 2001 , HALO has undergone many changes to its gameplay and formula as a whole.The game still carries with it all the core qualities that made it successful but the developers have always pushed it forward as far as presentation and story telling.

Multi player is the most controversial part of the package because not all the changes and tweaks to the formula have been received with open arms.

Perhaps the game that really put organized competitive gaming on the map ; HALO  was placed under a microscope . Players analyzed every aspect of what made the game tick right down to ” hit detection” ” respawn times” and ” shield regen”. If you played HALO competitively you had a stake in what changes got made to the game in every version.

All of these opinions reached a fever pitch with the release of HALO: REACH in 2010. This was the HALO game that took the franchise in a bold new direction. It was the first game in the series NOT to feature the franchises poster boy ” Master Chief” as the main character of the narrative and the changes to multi player where bold and refreshing…and ultimately killed the game.

REACH introduced elements that where popular in the current market of FPS. Persistent XP, unlockable skins and…Loadouts not to mention signifigant graphical upgrades over previous games.

The concept of a player being able to tweak his in-game load out to cater to his or her style of play was not in itself a new concept but other games had done it prior to HALO and while it served them well in their respective games it did not sit well with HALO fans who were used to an equal playing field on spawn and weapon procurement on the map was the status quo.

To be fair, REACH didn’t go to far into hat territory but ventured far enough to give players a taste of what those mechanics would feel like in the confines of a HALO game.
ARMOR  ABILITYS   where a way to customize your spartan in multi player. The concept was awesome. Each Spartan warrior had the ability to choose from a selection of abilities that bounded with them at the beginning of each match ( although you could tweak the settings to make them pick ups on map) and included some cool powers like a jet pack, a drop shield( invisible barrier that repels anything thrown at it) and the ability to sprint and turn invisible.

armor abilitys….not so much ?

Who would have thought that the HALO crowd would not like these additions. Not only that but the fact that HALO  REACH did away with some traditional weaponry ( the Battle Rifle) pushed fans away in droves.

Between weapon omissions and some dramatic tweaks to the multi player formula HALO has been abandoned even by its Hardcore fans.

HALO 1 and HALO 2 servers are no longer available to the XBOX community as Microsoft has pulled the plug on them.
This leaves the HALO fan base crammed into 2 potential titles to spend their days with and in light of the reaction to HALO REACH’s tweaks and changes most players are flooding back to HALO 3; which is widely viewed as the best game in the series ( HALO 2 is actually the most beloved but being unable to play online makes it obsolete)

There is light at the end of this tunnel and that comes in the form of the highly anticipated HALO4. There have been some details on HALO4 that have come to light and thus far it looks to be on a good track.

I recently sat in on a community broadcast of some of the communities most high-profile players and was shocked to hear them offering up criticism on a game that had yet to launch. Some of the issues they had with the yet to be released HALO 4 where that it will be using an armor ability system similar to HALO REACH. These prolific members of the community proceeded to rip HALO 4 apart piece by piece and showed no mercy when analyzing some of the rumored and confirmed changes that we’re coming down the pip.

Should HALO change at all if this is how we react !?

I myself am disgusted over the state of the community and how they are treating a once beloved franchise. They act as if they have been betrayed and even going so far as to announce their boycotting of the franchise unless it returns to its original roots.

HALO 4….” He’s Baaaaaack”

I think that all of these opinions have tarnished the appeal of the game but undeservedly.

Competitive play has also been effected by this. The powers that be who run the industries most popular competitive gaming business ( sorry guys it’s not EGU…yet) have even removed it from their summer line up and for the first time since the game arrived on their circuit no one will be playing HALO in a live event!

HALO truly has become the “Underdog”

With HALO 4 arriving in November we will all be able to see if it can return to form; not only from a gameplay and mechanics point of view but more importantly from the viewpoint of community and fan support.

Try as I might to avoid the cliché’ , it really does fit the situation and I myself await ” The Return of the King”

Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash

Before you could run you had to walk

Even as I sit here and type I am trying to remember playing a game FPS game that didn’t have the ability to ” Sprint”. To take a step back for all of you new generation of FPS gamers out there you should be made aware that the ability to run or sprint in a FPS game wasnt always a standard feature.

Most of the games that we are now playing sequels of started out their series simply trudging a,long at whatever movement speed the developers deemed satisfactory for the pacing of the game. Multi player also was dialed into a set speed and love it or hate it , that is what defined the games overall feel once the bullets started flying.

Halo, Rainbow Six , Call of Duty, and Battlefield now all have a “sprint” function that lets the player have a quick burst of speed  to engage his opponents or to get behind cover but the bigger question is why this feature was added to the games later iterations.

Pacing: probably the most important reason the feature was added in all of the above examples. This however covers a broad sub category of reasons but as an overall definition, I think pacing explains it best. By implementing a feature that enables you to move quicker the developers could then dial-up the intensity of the combat around you. With the ability to run you could then face  opponents who could move quicker and chase you more vigorously. Everything became faster and more intense and you didn’t have an excuse about trying to survive it…because you could run.

Gamers have no attention spans: Dialing up the pacing of a game would allow for individuals who thrived on intensity and constant stimulation to get from point A to point B quicker and therefore less downtime when they weren’t shooting guns. It allowed the player to control the pacing of the action rather than having to move at a pre determined rate set out by the developers.

Seriously! That’s all playable geography and ain’t no way I’m walking to Objective < C >!!

Many game developers realized this and worked at ways to give players constant stimulation while playing there games. Ever wonder why shooter games fail to more substantial stories other than ” go to point A and shoot everyone then go to point B”. This is of course a general rule and there are examples of wonderful stories in the archives of FPS games.I have since seen many gamers pick up a new game and as soon as they have player control ie after a cut scene , immediately start jamming on buttons asking which one the “run” button is. Really?!

Realism: Of course there is the fact that we can all run in real life so why not give our virtual warriors the same option. This was a no brainer but still took a long time to become a reality in games.

” Run and Gun” : self-explanatory…

New multiplayer games are now forced to conform to this standard at the risk of alienating potential players; but is this feature required in order to have a satisfying experience in the FPS genre.

Look to games like Counterstrike: Global Offensive as an example of a development team who refuse to budge on design elements that they used almost 10 years ago. Counterstrike: GO will be launching this year and it will be entering a pool of shooter sharks so to speak.

There isnt a “Sprint” function in Counterstrike:Global Offensive but you do run faster with a knife in your hand…FPS Doug would be proud!

It will now have to compete against games like Battlefield 3, Call of Duty and Medal of Honor not to mention HALO 4! One would think that any studio making a FPS game would at least hit the status quo mark on the short list of standard features but rest assured; Counterstrike :GO will not have a “sprint” feature.

Halo is another example of a game that blatantly emulated features from a successful competing title ( Reach was Halo’s version of Modern Warfare ) and was almost shunned because of it. Classic HALO multiplayer did not have the ability to sprint or run and Reaches changes were met with mixed feelings. It wasnt a requirement for the type of competitive multi player that HALO delivered. To that point MLG now uses a ” No sprint” variant in there competitive events.

Rainbow six Vegas 2 is a game that also implemented a sprint function into its game after the debut title chose not to have that feature. This was also met with hesitation from die-hard fans and while in the end the community accepted the changes the primary concern was that it would remove the tactical pacing from the game and give it a more ” run and gun” feel .

Running is quite the feat for a guy wearing a 1000 lb suit of battle armor.

My opinion is that the game needs to come first and while every developer will always try to mold their game to anticipated consumers desires and wants, they could drive themselves crazy trying to appease everyone. In the case of Counterstrike they have a rabid fan base who is watching there every move and any deviation from what is ‘ acceptable” in their minds will cause them to boycott the product. It’s a slippery slope and I certainly don’t envy them.

So the next time you fire up your favourite FPS and buckle down for a session of intense shooting and …running; maybe give some thought to how the game would feel without the ability to lace up those running shoes.


Dwayne “EVO Knight” Morash



“The Killer Instinct” and Interview with Eugene “Kpb” Lugo


Pro had the chance to interview Eugene” Kpb” Lugo on his recent win of the PRO 2014 Killer Instinct” UGR Tournament” and his experience with Fighting games and just how long he has been playing them. Enjoy!

PRO Gaming:Congratulations on winning our 2014 Killer Instinct Tournament Eugene. On behalf on PRO and UGR I want to say thank you for taking the time to chat with us and give us some insight into the world of competitive Fighting games.How  long have you been playing Killer Instinct either in this iteration or past versions?

Eugene: I’ve been a long term fan playing the game since the original on the SNES home console. I was pretty young when getting the game but was attracted to it because it came as a black cartridge with a soundtrack. The music definitely makes the game, lol. I played Killer Instinct Gold when it was in the arcades and always stuck with my main character, Fulgore. I recently brought an Xbox One specifically to compete in this game. Safe to say I love the series

PRO Gaming:Compared to other fighting games on the market how do you feel that Killer Instinct stands up with its game play and graphics?

Eugene:I think the game is a great fit along side other fighters that are out right now. Casually it’s easy to pick up and play. The basic mechanics of the game are easy to get use to within the first few minutes of playing and the game just looks amazing. On the technical side of the game I believe it has it’s elements of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. Overall it’s good for anyone to pick up and play.

PRO Gaming: At what point did you decide to start playing games competitively versus just on a casual basis with friends.

Eugene: I started playing competitively back in the tail end of 2009. That’s when Street Fighter was the dominant fighting game out (Mortal Kombat and Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 released in 2011). I use to be a big time “Online Warrior” and decided to take my skills further. I started by going to local tournaments and slowly found my way to attending Majors. It wasn’t an easy start but getting out there is the only way to get battle hardened.

PRO Gaming: The competitive E sport “ Fighting game” community is a very Clicky crowd. Have you had any challenges in becoming a part of that community and if so how have you adjusted to it in your dealings?

Eugene:The Fighting Game Community (FGC) is very intimidating at first. There’s groups withing groups of people. Looking at it from the outside can be very scary. First starting out I didn’t know many people besides my friends that started with me. I knew a lot of people by face from watching streams but that was about it. As time went on and competitions became more frequent for me that’s when I started to become comfortable with the people I consistently saw. Everyone in the FGC is very welcoming, shockingly enough all you have to do is say hi. I’m proud to say that within the FGC I represent a group called Kick-Punch-Block (KPB). I joined up with them in late 2012 and they’re like my extended family.  Little groups like these make being a part of the FGC worth wild.

PRO Gaming: With this event in particular I know that your level of competition was varied. You displayed some very good sportsmanship that is not very common in competitive gaming these days. Do you find that your experiences with tournament play have been rewarding and positive overall?

Eugene: You always have to look at tournaments as a learning experience. I’ve played against many great players in the past (Justin Wong, Chris G, Yipes, Sanford Kelly) and it’s always been a lesson more than a match. My reward is knowing that with every tournament I go to I grow as a player. Placing high at tournaments gets me recognition by other players and I can help set an example for others.

PRO Gaming: Can you tell us what about Killer Instinct resonates with players currently and also what do you think about the design choice of Double Helix to go with a FREE TO PLAY model for its game.

Eugene:There’s a lot of HYPE when playing this game. Combo breakers and Ultras along side the original voice actor for these actions make the game very nostalgic for some of us. Double Helix hit the nail on the head when introducing the FREE TO PLAY aspect of the game. Letting the casual player tryout a different character monthly gives a person something new to look forward to as time goes on.

PRO Gaming: Can you give us a quick run-down of some of the other competitive events and tournaments you have participated in?

Eugene:Mostly all East Coast Majors… East Coast Throwdown 2-5, NEC 13 and 14, Summerjam 7, Apex 2012 and 2014, Defend The North. I’ve also attended Next Level a lot for their Battle Circuit series and various other locals in New York. My Group Host Casuals every Friday as well in Westchester, New York.

PRO Gaming:Who is your favorite Killer Instinct character at this moment and are there any characters you are waiting for?

Eugene: Man I guess my favorite would have to be Sabrewulf. He’s gotten me twice to top 4 at the last 2 tournaments I’ve been to. As soon as Fulgore gets released I will make the switch to him. There’s no way I would let my main character from the previous versions slip right by me, lol

PRO Gaming:Thanks Eugene, once again I want to say thank you for taking the time to answer our questions  as well as being an ambassador for this game. We hope that we see you at future events we host and keep kicking ass out there!

Eugene:Thanks again for having me guys and I look forward to participating in future events!

Dwayne “ EVO Knight” Morash