Homefront General Tournament Rules

Entry Cost: NA ( This is a FREE event)

Format: Double elimination Best of 3 matches
Team Size: 6V6
Game Mode: Battle Commander Ground Control
Time: 10 minutes
Score Limit: 50 points
Maps: Will be based on Bracket
Restrictions: None

Current Team Sign ups

Stay Frosty:  EVO Knight, EVO King, EVO Shadows 84, Breazy Clayton, BipolarFilipino,___________( Needs 1 player)

Team EHEC: Gamertags pending team is locked however

Team Onyx: Onyxsheild92,Patsfan128384, dizzystick, Tuckmaster ,______________,___________ ( Needs 2 players)

Team  Ops -Guys: Subguy2000, Kaoskiser,__________,___________,___________,____________( needs 4 more players)

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