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Making an E-Sport Team in EVOLVE

Evolve is only 11 days from going live in the wild. After a successful ALPHA and BETA, developer Turtle Rock is ready to unleash it into the hands of gamers around the world and if the feedback they have received so far is any indication; it looks like we will have a truly fun and unique new IP for Next Gen Consoles!

EVOLVE is an important game for a couple reasons. The fact that its a NEW IP is a huge draw and exactly what this new generation of console players  need. In order to move this industry forward it needs new blood and EVOLVE is ready to deliver that!
Secondly EVOLVE is the first new game this year to throw its hat into the ever so finicky realm of competitive gaming.While not being heavy handed about this aspect of the gameplay, studio Turtle Rock has been quoted as saying that the game has a very competitive component to it and this is not something they have turned a blind eye to. In fact most of the games early footage showed it accompanied by a “Shoutcaster“. The game has been showcased to the public in several events wrapped around a tournament format. So many elements of the game screams competitive play but on the surface the 4V1 nature causes a lot of the E-Sport purists out there to hesitate.

In this article I am going top give some tips on how to create you E-Sport Team for EVOLVE and some tips to go with it. In my follow  up article I will be sowing everyone the default Rule Set that PRO will be using for organized competitive play once the game goes LIVE.

How do I build a team with a Monster?!?!

Traditional team based multiplayer games revolve around symmetrical amounts of players typically 4v4 or higher. EVOLVE presents a unique format in that a team needs to be comprised of a 4 man team of Hunters and then when the next round starts a single team member needs to be allocated as the MONSTER ( Sorry guys EVOLVE does not allow a team of 4 MONSTERS)

Its best if you think of an EVOLVE team along the same lines as Hockey Team. A team is made up of players who are talented in the position they fill. Like a Hockey team there is a single Goalie; a player who represents your teams ultimate defensive barrier. This is your MONSTER player!

Can I have more than one player assume the MONSTER Role?

Certainly! The idea is that you make sure the MONSTER Player each round is competent and skilled at handling the Monster’s unique style of play and not just a player looking for a thrill ride to smash the competing team’s players. Remember, each MONSTER has a different play style suited for different types of players.
2K_EVOLVE_WRAITH_ABILITIESYou may want to set up a player roster for specific MONSTER types based on the match and or opposing team  ie. Have a aggressive player take the reigns of Goliath and another player entirely slotted to play Wraith for a more sneaky approach to the match. Your team captain is the coach and look to him to call the play .

I only play a certain Hunter class and my team mate wants to play it as well

Since EVOLVE supports a class based team line up it becomes tricky when players of a team all want to play the same class. I get it…we all want to be the star forward and get alL the glory. I mean who wants to be play as the defense players in a high stakes E-Sport?
Well in EVOLVE everyone plays a role in the road to victory. If there is one thing the BETA taught me is that a team of Gung Ho glory seekers will always fail against a smart MONSTER player. Take it upon yourself to become well versed in all classes regardless of your favourite character. Evolve-Assault-Trapper-Medic-Support-ClassesAs your team starts carving out a career you may find your play style preference changing and you may WANT to lace up those skates and play as a defensive player. Be flexible and mindful of your team mates desire to expand his/her skillset into different roles.

Make a Playbook

This one sounds silly but trust me its NOT! Playing EVOLVE in a team versus playing EVOLVE with a bunch of Randoms are two different experiences. Thankfully the BETA allowed us to form up private matches and create our own personal hunting party with friends but also gave us the option of random matchmaking. My time spent in public matchmaking was frustrating to say the least. I experienced little to no communication between players/team mates and what ensued was a mess of run and gunning and or chasing a MONSTER around the map with no sense of a plan or strategy. It always ended up with a loss and in most cases a sense of boredom as we chased a MONSTER around the map in circles.
While its not necessary to create a physical playbook to carry with you to each match , I highly recommend that you and your team develop some “go to strategies” for  various maps and scenarios. EVOLVE is no different than any other multiplayer shooter in the sense that your team needs to communicate with each other during the match and for strategies on the fly. Communication is the key because EVOLVE”s maps are huge and its nots as simple as just running around a common corridor lane or simply camping a spot hoping to pick off a random opponent who walks by your cozy campfire.

Experiment with the Hunters

Try different combos of Hunters each time you play and make sure you talk it through with your team mates. The game will launch with 3 sets of Characters ( thats 12 different playable characters spread over 4 classes) and each of them sport a different array of abilities and perks. Use your early days of matchmaking or competitive matches to establish a working knowledge of how all these variables interlock. Your Hunting team will eventually settle on some key characters base don the different playstyles of your team but allow that process to take shape naturally. Dont force yourself into a specific character without first trying the others.PRO-VI-EVOLVE-LEAGUE

EVOLVE is set to change the landscape of competitive play and introduce some fresh new ideas into the stagnant world of competitive gaming. I dont expect the game to be an unprecedented overnight success in this space but with a little love from the community and an open mind as to what defines a competitive video game experience, I think we just might have a bonafide E-Sport hit on our hands.

Dwayne”EVO Knight” Morash


Halo: 30 to 60 fps in 14 years

If you haven’t played a first person shooter in 60fps then please stop reading and go do so now. There are lots of games to choose from and everyone has an opinion ( my preference lies with either BF4 or Titanfall on Next Gen hardware) but the one thing everyone will agree on is that when it comes to a FPS ; framerate is KING!

The one game that is interestingly NOT on the list of 60 fps games is Halo. Since the game debuted back in 2001 not a single entry in this longstanding franchise has enjoyed the benefits of silky smooth framerate that the benchmark delivers.

There are numerous reasons to be had for this and Halo fans everywhere will attest that it hasn’t diminished the appeal nor the gameplay of its masterful formula.  To be fair though I can tell you that after playing a smattering of FPS games clocking in at the fabled 60fps and then going back and playing a game of Halo 4 at 30fps ( Heck even playing Destiny on Next Gen results in the same feeling) feels akin to wading through molasses or caught in a old school slide show ( Okay Im exaggerating but you get the idea). Its a jarring experience and actually does impact your gameplay and by default your score suffers. It takes awhile to adjust but its noticeable and severe especially if you have been clocking a lot of hours with aforementioned games with 60fps.

So what happens when you take a beloved franchise like Halo and shove it into the world of 60fps?

Have your cake and eat it too…all in glorious 1080p 60fps

The newly released Master Chief Collection does just that and not only the newest entry in the franchise but it goes all the way back to 2000’s Halo:CE as well. Yup thats right, you can now play a 14 year old game in 1080P and 60fps!

My playtest was mostly centered on Halo 4 as it was the title that I had most recently played in its old incarnation on Xbox 360. Having watched several videos of gameplay at the new clock speed I was somewhat prepared for what I was about to experience .
I want to get this out of the way. Halo 4 running at 1080P and 60fps feels like a Next Gen game!

Design choices and overall arguments about the entries adherence to the Halo formula aside ; the game rocks!
Movement and moment to moment gun battles flowed and felt awesome. That feeling of sluggishness quickly faded and I kept asking myself ” Why did it take 15 years to experience Halo this way??!!”

Halo 5 is the new hotness. Get ready for it!

The ironic part of this story is that I have a friend who experienced the opposite effect of my experience inn that he was completely thrown off by the increase in framerate and felt that it was ” unnatural”. The best way to explain this I suppose is with whats happening in cinema today. Movies are being filmed in higher framerates ( The new Hobbit movie comes to mind) and Television sets are now ” upscaling” framerates for existing content that we have all watched in the past. Having watched a section of the new Captain America; Winter Soldier on a 4K TV with the movie’s frame rate upscaled as mentioned above; well lets just say it looked like I was watching a news real or a Live broadcast not a cinematic feeling motion picture.

Whether your eyes and cerebellum can adjust to the new hotness that is 60fps only you can find out. I for one love the new sexy of Halo running on Nitrus and if you cant adjust to a older game amped up…..well you better get ready by the time the next entry in the Halo Franchise arrives because it looks like all Halo’s are hitting the NOS moving forward!

Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash

A Destiny that wasn’t realized

” What Happened?” I ask myself as I sit here typing this. Destiny was a game we all wanted to love and whether it was our fault or the developers; we all had high hopes for this game. In short the Hype meter was off the scale.
We all had good reason to expect amazing things from Destiny. Developed by the studio that brought us one of the greatest console shooter of all time and a history of masterful game design; Destiny was supposed to be the Next Big shooter to usher in this new generation of hardware and gaming.

So what went wrong. I could write a whole article outlining all the things that Destiny didn’t get right as it pertains to the core PVE side of the game but rather than beat it up more than the rest of the internet already has; Ill instead endeavour to explain what it didnt get right in its suite of PVP offerings.
PVP is Destiny is called ” Crucible” cru·ci·ble,ˈkro͞osəb(ə)l/

  • a place or occasion of severe test or trial.
    “the crucible of combat”

This is actually a fitting name and just one example of how Bungie has infused the game with flavour. It also sounds better than ” Multiplayer lobby”. The Crucible is a blend of traditional competitive matches wound  up in a nice little narrative wrapper.  Players actually ” Travel” to the crucible in their spaceship and proceed  to land in the Map with their team via a nifty little cutscene of them all standing at the ready.

Again Destiny has no shortage of flavour to embrace the player with, .even in its head to head game space.
So where did all of this go sideways?

Outside of a small amount of Maps and game modes Destiny’s biggest crime in the competitive gaming circle was/is the fact that to this day you cannot create a custom lobby to play against your rivals and or friend. Creating a team via the games Party system is all fine and dandy but matching your Fireteam up against a specific opponent of your choosing sadly isn’t in the cards.
This omission literally destroyed any chances of Destiny challenging its creators prodigal son’s legacy ( Halo).
One of the reasons Halo grew to prominence is that the first XBOX was able  to LAN up and give players the option of connecting their consoles for direct head to head play. Future iterations of Halo and the newly introduced XBOX LIVE gave players freedom to connect to each other via private matches. It is because of these features that Halo became an E-Sport .
Everyone assumed that lightning would strike twice and that Bungie would replicate its success by allowing players that same choice with its new flagship game.

Many players will argue that the fact that the only way to play PVP in Destiny is via public matchmaking is irrelevant and that the game itself is broken to the point of its PVP offerings are simply too unbalanced to be considered a true competitive experience. There are arguments for and against that opinion but in reality if we had been given an extensive amount of tools in the form of custom lobbies; the player base could sculpt and shape its own rules and match settings.
This would have all but ensured that Destiny would have a life outside of its never ending grinding and cultivate a community that was slanted towards competitive play versus the World of Warcraft crowd looking for a MMO experience with Halo mechanics.

All is not lost however. While not announcing anything specific; Bungie has acknowledged the lack of private lobbies and by doing that the community is one step closer to one day seeing features like this implemented. the real question is whether or not anyone will actually care by the time that happens. In a crowded market where new games are landing in front of us every couple months Destiny may not have much longer to sink its hooks into us. The competitive community is already eyeing new experiences such as Rainbow Six, Evolve and of course the inevitable Halo 5 later this year.

Destiny was hyped and almost had us locked down but a first round fumble may have cost it the game.

Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash

Going Competitive with EVOLVE

At a glance , Turtle Rock’s new game Evolve looks like a mash up between Left 4 Dead and the 80’s movie ” Predator”. If you haven’t taken the time to learn about Evolve have a look at the video below.

In a nutshell the game revolves around four special operatives that  land on a dangerous planet and immediately set about hunting an alpha predator that is both trying to kill them and escape there grasp so it can fulfill a ultimate goal of its own.
What makes Evolve a innovative experience is that it is actually a Co-Op and head to head multiplayer game in one. Yup you heard it right….4V1 competitive.

Traditionally the Esports community have only ever embraced a specific type of game that resonates with balanced head to head play. This almost always boils down to a 1v1, 2v2,4v4 and so on; experience. Games that deviate from said formula tend to have a difficult time being balanced enough to consider it worthy of the title ” E-Sport”
Evolve looks to challenge that notion and has already started to find a home within the competitive community despite its very unorthodox design.
At its core there is very much a Competitive experience beating within its chest but the traditional concept of a team has a major wrinkle thrown into it…
What if someone on your team had to play a full game ALONE without the in game support of his/her team mates?
Playing as the Monster in Evolve means that the player will not have a stable of team mates to rely on and will have to live or die on his on skills as a rival team of 4 hunters chases him/her down.
There has already been a lot of internet chatter regarding how Evolve would play out in a true tournament format and while there have been some creative options the one that seems t o stand out time and time again is the “5 Man team” format.

An Evolve team would consist of 5 players all assigned a specific role within the team itself. Much akin to a professional sports team with players occupying positions on the bench but in this case the ” Bench” is filled with Trackers, Medics, assaulters and of course a giant Monster.
Teams would play a best of 3 format match alternating between Hunting/being hunted with the 5th player on the team  stepping in as the Monster slot when your team is being the hunted. The  Players /Player not participating in game would serve as moral support for the other(s). In case of a tie the third round would be played out as a tie breaker with the team with the fastest victory from the previous matches deciding to play the Hunters or the Monster for the final round.
The E-Sport community has always been very selective and sometimes downright opinionated on a particular games viability as a true E-Sport title but with a new generation of hardware upon us and a inevitable onslaught of new IP’s to go with them, I think its time that we start entertaining the idea of  new breeds of competitive games to be placed in front of us.
Evolve is simply the first of what is sure to be many this year ( Rainbow Six Patriots, Smite, Battleborn along with the traditional sequels to Halo, COD and Battlefield).

Evolve launches in North America on February 10th and the Public BETA launches on January 15th-19th. I encourage everyone to jump in and give it a shot; it could very well be the next EVOLUTION of  E-Sports.

Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash

Titanfall: The One Year Later REVIEW

Whew! What a year it has been in the industry and specifically if your a “Next Gen Player” ( or would you now be considered a ” Current Gen Player” ?). The Industry has officially passed its 1 year mark and we are now moving full steam ahead with XBOX One and PS4.

Having lived through numerous generations of hardware cycles I can; with complete authority tell you that this generation was ushered with a tremendous amount of criticism and jaded perspectives than any other before it. In 2013 Gamers everywhere stood up and with a single voice ( or post on a message board) said ” Prove to me why I need to upgrade to the Next gen!”

Gone where the passionate gamers excited for the next big thing in gaming . Instead it was replaced by a world full of gamers who suddenly felt that the industry it so loved needed to rise to a certain level and that expectations needed not only to be met but shattered.

With all this riding on its shoulders as the first next Gen shooter of 2014; Titanfall was almost doomed to fail  but the real question is…Did It?

Respawn Studios launched there baby back in march  and the controversy kicked off immediately! The first batch of negative press centered around two major points. Titanfall did not have an “Offline Campaign” and it was also an XBOX/PC exclusive; meaning that Playstation gamers would not have an opportunity to experience this new IP. The hate this game received from the Sony fanbase was palpable

To be fair  the game arrived in great shape from a technical standpoint. Running at 60FPS/900P on dedicated servers and little to no frame rate drop on large scale maps was a feat to be respected considering Fellow EA shooter Battlefield 4 failed to even have stable servers at launch! Titanfall is a great looking game and was a finely tuned shooter at launch.

If you ask a Titanfall player what the biggest reason he/she was disappointed with they will most certainly tell you ; Content.

Most AAA shooters these days will check off a series of boxes that is the industry’s barometer for value. Its a way of making sure that a buyer is getting value for there money and Titanfall dropped the ball in that regard…

Respawn knew this and immediately set out to correct its errors. Being a small studio meant that resources for actual game development was a tricky balancing act and while they openly admitted that they had to invest where the IP would make the most impact ( Doesn’t everyone play online multiplayer??) , they also understood the impact of not having certain features at launch.

Map packs in the form of DLC would not suffice for Titanfall. In order to move this franchise forward players would need more and I am happy to say that after 8 months of being in the world as a newborn; Titanfall has grown into a game that its creators should be proud of !

Lets have a look what has been added to Titanfall and why you should seriously consider jumping back and or purchasing the game in its current state.


Titanfall Launched with a healthy supply of maps that offered up a diverse landscape of battlegrounds. The strength of Respawns designs show through in the fact that they incorporate both indoor and outdoor environments catering to both playstyles of the game ( Pilot and Titan’s). The 3 DLC packs that have released since launch day have added even more variety while maintaining balance. The map packs where given names that tied them  to the games fiction giving us yet another way to feel attached to the world that Titanfall takes place in. with 20+ maps at your disposal now you cannot fault Titanfall for having a lack of map variety!

Private Lobbies
Most shooters these days have the ability to set up custom lobbies for friends and rivals to create matches without having to rely on random matchmaking to get you into a game. Within the E-Sport community this feature is paramount. Although publicly stating that they did not build Titanfall with E-Sports in mind there was nevertheless a large portion of their community who expected it ( PRO  among them). Not having this feature at launch threw a monkey wrench into hosting competitive events but the feature was soon added within a month or so afterwards.

Burn Cards/Black Market

The biggest gameplay addition to Titanfall came in the form of the Black Market/Burn Cards. This was a Meta game system that essentially allowed players to earn in game currency and  then spend them on various items  in a ” Black Market” menu such as the games very cool ” Burn Cards” . Burn Cards are essentially Titanfall’s Killstreak system with a twist. Rather than getting kills to activate special game changing abilities you can simply select 3 of them at the beginning of each match and acactivatehem at whim when you think you need them most. Prior to the Black Market players could only earn Burn Cards by winning matches but with the Black Market addition they could purchase packs of cards ( Ever play Magic the Gathering) and narrow the randomness of acquiring them.

Game Modes
With each DLC’s arrival Players where also treated with a Title Update that added in various new game modes to Titanfall’s rather small launch list. These updates showed that Respawn was paying attention to what players wanted in the game and fleshed out the fun you could have in an evenings worth  of Titanfall gaming. Most notable was the addition of a ” Pilot Only” game mode sans Titans. It wasn’t in keeping the spirit of Titanfall ( The games title has TITANS in it folks!) but at least it gave you the choice to play a more CODish style game within the Titanfall universe. Titanfall now has a very robust  playlist of game types and stands rank with other AAA shooters in the market.

Titan Customization

This was a tricky one for Respawn to handle when developing the game. The potential was there to add Titan Graphic Meshes similar to what COD does with the various guns and uniforms in the game but at the risk of pulling players out of the world they crafted. Cosmetic customization  these days tends to lean towards the garish and silly spectrum ( Call of Duty has pinks guns and players running around with Marijuana leaves painted all over there armor !) In the end we now have a ” Decal system” wherein you can emblazon your giant metal friend with various insignias ranging from flaming skulls to Respawns own logo just like the fighter pilots of yore.

Co Op mode
Last gen heralded in a new genre of game modes called  Survival”. This game mode was brought to the gaming public courtesy Gears of War 2 and has since made its way into almost every video game since in some way or another.  While not being a TRUE Co-Op mode in the sense that you aren’t able to partake in the games limited story ( although one would argue that Titanfall actually has a 6 man co op story mode in the way it presents it); you are able to join up with some mates and fight wave after wave of VERY smart enemy AI including suicide Titans hell bent on your teams collective destruction. This mode is called Frontier Defense and tasks players with defending a single point on the map in much the same way that MOBAS do. It is round based and gets increasingly harder as the rounds go by. Players are scored and ranked in this mode to create a sense of competitiveness among everyone. Frontier Defense was recently made available via a FREE patch and is the proverbial icing on the cake for the complete Titanfall Package.

Ranked Mode

Most FPS shooters these days layer on ranked play via a selection in the multiplayer menu as a way for players to decide if the want to participate in ranked play or unranked. Titanfall takes the same concept and injects a big dose of narrative flavor into it!
Each Pilot has the option of activating a ” Rank Chip” once they have attained a certain level. This chip can be turned on and off as the player sees fit at the beginning of any match thereby eliminating the need to have different play lists for the player. The Rank chip updates the player during the match with an in game voice as well as post game summaries. It is the coolest implementation of Ranked play I have ever seen in a competitive shooter bar none!

If you haven’t made the choice to pick up Titanfall yet , I highly recommend you do. In a market filled with First person shooters it stands out as something that brings a little more to the table. The developers have been diligent in fleshing out the core game and although the game should have shipped with all of this content at launch its a testament to the love Respawn has for the franchise that we are still enjoying and seeing new content added almost a year later.

Dwayne” EVO Knight” Morash



5 Things I liked about the Halo 5 Guardians Beta

Having just played a good dose of Halo 5 Guardians Beta I thought I should throw together a Top 5 list of things I like about  Halo 5: Guardians in its current BETA state. Here we go…

1:  Graphics. Running at 60 FPS and 720P resolution Halo has never looked better. Guns and environments all look amazing and even in its BETA state are polished. The attention  to detail in the environment will surely get better with the years worth of polish that 343 is sure to apply.

2: Speed. HALO has never felt this fast paced. as a Spartan you are no longer a lumbering super Soldier who has to sluggishly run through the map with the occasional spring ( in the past 2 games anyway). Guardians showcases a new and improved Spartan soldier that can sprint indefinitely ( Once you build momentum you can actually see speed lines in your POV) and activate short bursts of speed. This has the effect of speeding up gameplay yet remaining level headed and not divulging into chaos like other FPS titles have succumbbed to.

3: Mobility. Navigating the maps now takes on a whole new dimension with the addition of a ” clamber” move. By tapping ” A” when you are close to a ledge your Spartan will climb the ledge in a very quick and smooth manner. Combine this with the new ” Spartan Dash”  move and you have a HALO game that truly fits in with its peers such as Titanfall and Advanced Warfare. It almost feels like you are utilizing the game space in ways the Devs didnt plan by navigating the ledges and geometry in ways you couldn’t before…it feels like your using a cheat mod  but in a good way.

4: Immersion: Little details like the sounds of your boots running on the metal floor and your Spartan Team mates calling out kills and weapon Spawns as well as congratulating you on good kills ( Sad that they needed to programme a vocabulary into the game to pat you on the back or support you in lieu of a human partner doing the same) are examples of the little things that embed you in the HALO universe.

5: Intensity.  Plain and Simple; Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer is INTENSE!  Combine all of the elements listed above and you have a shooter that is both satisfying and adrenaline packed. Engagements come and go and strategy is developed on the fly as the dynamics of the match change. Power weapons change hands and the moment to moment thrill of a true E-Sport experience  pervades all aspects of this game.

Halo has always been a intense experience  when played with a group of friends  but Halo 5 : Guardians takes it up several notches without destroying what made Halo a fun and balanced game.

I am excited to see more of what the Beta throws at us and be sure to keep checking back for more impressions when the full BETA launches on December 29th.

Dwayne”EVO Knight” Morash

Team Building 101 or ” How to assemble the Oceans 11 of video gaming”

It may seem like the silliest things to say but I still belive this to this very day; the hardest part of competitive gaming is finding teams to compete.

At least at a local level here in Victoria BC I have found that time and time again players just fail to assemble a team to even compete. The easiest of course is the Doubles tournament but the mere thought of trying to assemble a team of 4 or more throws most would be participants into a panic and they end up not participating.
I’m going to lay out a blue print of sorts that will help you create and start a team in the world of competitive video gaming.

Find the game that’s right for you not what’s popular

You can always reach out to various companies ( ie. EVO Gaming league) to create an interest in hosting tournaments. Most games have a multiplayer component in them these days but it’s up to the community to keep it going.

Step 1: Assemble your potential team. You notice I used the word ” Potential” in that statement. The reason you need to be careful in committing  to people at this step is that you also need to determine what their availability and personal skill/commitment to the game you have chosen is. It also helps that they share your passion towards the game and want to take it to the next level.

Get the boys together…

The biggest challenge I have seen teams have with this step is that the people they play with on a regular basis are lazy. Video Gamers are lazy! I’m sorry but we are. It takes all of our energy  to just play online with randoms and to many the prospect of having to work around a schedule and be accountable to a common goal is well…..just to much work. It is sad because I have seen some very talented players in my years that should be competing in events simply not show up when asked or commit and then bail at the last-minute. A lot of these players don’t understand competitive play and don’t want to take the time to ;learn about it. Those same players however don’t have any problem wasting their time away organizing ‘”Boosting Lobbies” in Call of Duty and glitching  their way to 10th prestige.
Find yourself some good players who share your goal and are excited like you are.

Step 2: Try outs. If you have to use this step you have a good situation on your hands. It means that you have gathered the attention of enough players that you have top many and need to slim the ranks so to speak. The best way to do this is to hold qualifying try outs.
I personally don’t belive in this step but I have included it as an OPTION on determining who makes the cut. I think very few people will have this problem and its most likely going to occur if you publicly recruit for your team as opposed t o just hand picking your players to begin with.

Step 3: Create the Team: This is the step that takes your vision from being just a bunch of guys and girls who play online together into a cohesive formal . There are a few elements that will take you from Internet heroes to true established Team status.
A) Team Name: put some thought into this one. Avoid silly names and ” Joke’ Names. If your team starts to get attention this will give you more credibility in the long run.

B) Website; Not a requirement by any means but something that can serve to bond your team together and give you public awareness. Plus those pay pal ” donate” buttons are always a good idea.

C) Fancy Team Logo: Something cool and flashy that looks good on a T-shirt if you ever get there.

An example of a logo that  a local team came up with to promote their team

D) Register with local tournament leagues ( * Cough* Cough* EGL*Cough*Cough)

E) Branded apparel etc: People will really know your serious when you show up at an official event wearing matching jerseys!

F) Start a Facebook Page/Twitter feed/Youtube Channel/Twitch TV; Remember community loves to spectate and getting a channel set up and streaming your gameplay or showing montages are all ways to fast track your profile.

The skies the limit as to what you can do at this stage but everything you do needs to be for the greater good of solidifying the bond with your team mates and making you more efficient and dedicated as a team.

Step 4: Practice Practice Practice! Whatever the venue is that you will be competing in you need to make sure your skills are honed and your dedication is there. If your chosen goal is to win local events and perhaps go national with your team then you need to invest the time to make this happen.

Practice makes perfect

Set up some realistic times every week where you guys are going to commit to being online or in person to have your practice sessions. Treat it like any other sport that your competing in. assemble  the team get your practice in and stick to it. EDITORS NOTE: I HAVE ALREADY WRITTEN AN ARTICLE ON THIS SO MAKE SURE YOU CHECK IT OUT.

Team building can be very exciting and in an industry where popular perception is that we are all geeks playing games all day and not going outside; you definitely wont be changing people’s mind about the REAL benefits of playing video games but stay focused and don’t let the nay sayers affect your resolve.” Haters be hatin” and as long as you remember that playing competitively is just the same as your buddies baseball team getting together every thursday then you’ll do just fine.

Make sure you have fun with your team and get involved in the exciting culture of competitive gaming. Be ambassadors for a brand new sport that will be so mainstream in 10 years that you will be able to sit back and take pride in knowing that you where a part of that revolution in a time when no one else understood it.

Good Luck and I look forward to seeing your team pop up on our tournament lists!

Dwayne ” EVO Knight ” Morash