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PGV presents Thief Livestream Tuesday Feb 25th 11am PST.


Join “PgV-DruiK” on Tuesday February 25th as he sneaks his way through THIEF on Playstation 4 via Livestream. Druik AKA “Spitfire” will be kicking off his adventure at 11:00am PST and streaming the EPIC adventure on TWITCH TV.

PgV-Druik is the co-founder of PRO and head of Pro Gaming Victoria. He is at the forefront of Competitive gaming and once in awhile likes to take a break from shooting players on the virtual battleground to dabble in some other genre’s

Click to watch stream

Head on over to TWITCH TV and add “PgV_DruiK” , bring some popcorn and a cozy blanket because he isn’t logging off until he passes out!